Lime Crime Vegan Products And Great Colors.

Many people in the vegan community and beyond might be unaware of what the company LimeCrime is doing. For anyone who doesn’t know, they have made a line of cosmetic products that are vegan friendly. The company just launched a new line called the Venus XL Palette. This palette is one that just so happens to be the biggest one they have developed so far. We already filled you in that this product, just like all the rest are made with that strong committment to the vegan community. The palette is one that a Goddess herself would have chosen. It features eighteen shades of eye shadows with four finishes and one swipe coverage. This is a brand new stellar product that was developed to compliment the product that started it all for LimeCrime.

This one has all the colors of the rainbow. You have the reds that are rustic and the berries and pinks that are easy on the eyes and bold at the same time. Golden roses and all the bronze and neutrals that a girl could ask for. Any simple girl who uses this palette quickly becomes a Goddess who is worthy of an amazing look created from make up that is still vegan friendly. Doe Deere, the CEO and Founder of LimeCrime cosmetics has gone out of her way to make sure that the product line lives up to all of their claims and goes way beyond that. When Doe started Lime Crime she started with a dream and a hundred dollars. She knew that people wanted a make up that was bold and beautiful and colorful. She also knew that she wanted her product line to offer feel good, vegan friendly cosmetics.

With LimeCrime and Doe Deere the vegan commitment goes beyond what so many other companies offer. The company wants to make sure that everything they offer live up to their expectations and the expectations of their customers and so far, that is a system that is working great.

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