Visibly Soft Lip Balm – EOS Review

Beauty Broadcast Express reviews EOS with a lot of exuberance. The two lip balms she reviews are the Visibily Soft Coconut Milk and the Visibly Soft Vanilla Mint. She’s clearly a big fan of the brand as it is.

They make really nice lip primers because they aren’t very greasy, and so they allow you to go on top with lipstick or liner without losing the adherence of those lipsticks or lip liners. They are not the most moisturizing lip balm she owns, but that isn’t always a bad thing. They are thick without being slippery, check The biggest difference between the Visibly Soft and other EOS formulas that she saw on the website was that they make a point about how your lips will be immediately softer and more beautiful. These ones contain Vitamin C and are 99% natural which is also new compared to the other older formulas.

The scents are very subtle and the vanilla mint is more vanilla than a classic mint. And the coconut one is much more subtle than any other coconut scented lip. They have a very small sweet flavor as well. Compared to other EOS and other lip balms these are the most subtle lip balm scents around, which makes them unique and fun to sue. They both apply very smoothly and are more hydrating and have a smoother texture than other EOS lip balms (

She also thinks that the packaging is just adorable. She loves the little stripes on the bottles. Compared to the other EOS products these ones are much smoother but there is some question about their lack of information about being organic. All the other EOS lip balms are claimed at 95% organic and these new Visibly Soft ones make no claim towards that. EOS gets a thumbs up.

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EOS Lip Balm Improving Lip Health

EOS lip balm is made for improving the health of your lips. The company made their lip balms to have several different health benefits to assist with skin health. The lip balms are infused with vitamin E from shea butter and jojoba oil. The lip balm contains some sunscreen to protect the lips from sunburn. Some of the lip balms contain ingredient to naturally medicate severly chapped lips. All of the EOS brand of lip balms are made of natural and organic ingredients.

The EOS lip balms come in round shaped packages or in cylindrical tubes. The packages are each different colors. The colors are based upon the flavor of the EOS lip balm. The top ten popular flavors from EOS are the following: vanilla bean, blueberry açaí, summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, strawberry sorbet, Lemon drop, passionfruit, and medicated tangerine. The lip balm company has many other well-liked flavors as well, see Allure.

The only deterrence to using the EOS lip balms is the round shape sometimes becoming cumbersome. Luckily the company also made an option for consumers who prefer a smaller and more compact package for their lip balm. EOS also faced a problem in the past with Reagan. Their formula contains beeswax. While this is a natural ingredient and overall an ingredient liked by many beauty product consuemrs, vegans were not able to use the product for that reason and were expressing interest in it. The EOS company developed a vegan version of their lip balm to solve this problem. The Crystal EOS lip balm are the vegan ingredient options from the company. The Crystal EOS are available in the flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

EOS lip balms are available from most drug stores, select beauty retailers, and the Evolution of Smooth website (Amazon). The spheres retail for $3.29. The sticks retail for $4.49. Some of the options retail slightly more than this, such as the shimmer lip balms. Give EOS a try to start getting your lips healthy and refreshed.