The New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm From EOS Is An Instant Success

The popular lip balm brand Evolution of Smooth recently introduced a new variety of products named vegan crystal lip balm. This new offering from the incredibly popular brand is meant to offer individuals who need vegan products the same high-quality lip balm products without the beeswax. The reaction to this new line has been incredible. Stores are running out of stock almost as quickly as they get new shipments in. The vegan crystal lip balm is free from animal byproducts and is organic, and as the name suggests, clear.

Evolution of Smooth is a relatively new company compared to the other industry giants like Chapstick, who have been market leaders for nearly a century. EOS was able to rise to the top through a combination of marketing tactics and quality products that their customers can’t get enough of. They also offer a wide selection of flavors that the others do not come close to matching. They have taken traditional flavors and added other exotic flavors to make combinations that are unique to the brand. Combine that with the fun, and recognizable packaging, and you have a formula for instant success (

To date, the company has managed to see revenue in excess of $250 million and is projected to see %1 billion by the year 2020. People all over the world now enjoy access to their favorite EOS products at major retailers. Their products now offer something for everyone and considering all types of needs across the market is another reason why EOS will continue to grow and prosper over the coming year.

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