EOS Touts New Medicated Lip Balm Containing Chamomile

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, has launched a new lip medicated lip balm that has taken the market by storm. This organic medicated lip balm is made with menthol to help soothe and medicate the skin and chamomile that contains antioxidants. The chamomile also helps to hydrate the lips, leaving them plumb and smooth. The balm retails for just $3.00 and comes in a 0.25 ounce container (allure.com).

Evolution of Smooth was founded nearly a decade ago and the company’s purpose was to provide its customers with an organic lip balm that healed cracked and dry lips while tasting great as well. Their initial offering was met with much fanfare with celebs and musicians touting their product. The company quickly ran into an inventory problem, which was a good problem to have at the time. In fact, to this day there retailers have trouble keeping up with demand. Once someone uses an EOS product they can see and feel the difference it can make.

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EOS is an innovative company that recognized a giant hole in the marketplace and filled it admirably. They have quickly become the best selling lip balm in the world and continue to create new and exciting flavors and products. They have truly revolutionized the lip balm market. EOS Lip Balm is part of the FAST Companies.


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