EOS Introduces New Vegan Lip Balm

Beauty enthusiasts who prefer using all-natural items without animal products will be happy to know that EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has introduced two new lip balm flavors that are completely vegan (imabeautygeek.com). Most other lip balms from EOS have beeswax in them, which makes the products all natural, but not vegan. These new beeswax-free EOS balms are ideal for those who want to experience the fruity and floral flavors of Evolution of Smooth’s lip products while still sticking to their health and environmental principles.

Evolution of Smooth has been in business for about a decade, and got its start when the company’s founders were bold enough to meet with a buyer from Walgreen’s and ask that EOS products be featured in the popular drug store. These days, it’s also pretty common to find EOS balms in Target and Walmart, which means that millions of customers are exposed to the brand. EOS has also caught the attention of a number of celebrities; Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and even Kim Kardashian have been seen using EOS. ┬áRead reviews, check celiacandthebeast.com.

In addition to a large variety of fragrant and nourishing lip balm flavors, Evolution of Smooth also has a line of hand creams and shaving creams that protect and revitalize the skin.

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