Justin Brown Builds A Successful Talent Agency And Calls It The Brown Modeling Agency

Justin Brown is originally from Reno, Nevada and modeled at an agency in order to work his way through college. Designer clothing was made for his body type and he modeled skinny jeans. He made approximately $100 an hour in comparison to the $6 an hour he had made washing golf carts. He attended college and studied business management because he was interested in working behind the cameras. He eventually discovered a subfield called development and placement and began to train and place models.

The work Justin Brown does for the Brown Agency is similar. The company was temporarily located above a Japanese fast food restaurant and called Heyman Talent South. His staff consisted of seven individuals responsible for the careers of 450 talents. He spent his childhood in Susanville, California and was considered a shy child who believed in rules. When he turned eighteen he began working for numerous firms in California building his knowledge and experience in his chosen field. He found models with the right look, made sure they had excellent photos, and introduced them to some of the biggest agencies worldwide. The agency placed between twenty and thirty percent of their models which is a high percentage in the field. At this point in time Justin Brown was only 21.

According to Market Wired, Justin Brown relocated to Austin in 2005 because he felt he could succeed in the city and truly wanted to live there. He immediately began a development business because he refused to make any promises he was not capable of keeping. He was able to take promising talent directly into the larger agencies on the coast due to his experience. Many individuals did not want to be in the larger markets so he explored local agencies but was not making any progress. For this reason in 2008 he began an agency called JB Models and Talent and in 2010 the company received licensing from the Wilhelmina national agency. This gave him necessary resources for print, commercials, and shows. He was attempting to make a local culture fit into the needs of the nation. Justin Brown saw the pride in Austin and realized the community had their own way of doing things. He wanted to take the agency to the level of the larger markets.

The Brown Agency charges a twenty percent cut for their models, fifteen percent for non-union video, television, film, and commercial gigs, and union jobs are charged ten percent. Although most of his protégés come from Houston or Dallas Justin Brown has noticed Austin wants a more alternative vibe including tattoos, funky hair, and piercings. He feels Dallas is much more conservative. There are only a few top agencies in Austin in competition with the Brown Agency.

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