Richard Mishaan: A True New York Designer

New York’s Richard Mishaan Design continues to impress with projects that are truly jaw dropping. A recent Tribeca residence received his design treatment and the finished product is absolutely stunning. The use of bold color in a city where there is an overwhelming amount of monochromatic tones is a brave step that, like everything that he does, works rather well.

The consistency with which Richard Mishaan Design finds the absolute right look for each of his client’s properties is indeed impressive. This mastery of interior design carries over into all of this projects, from his well-received publications to his furniture and accessories lines of business as well his work with Homer Design.

Richard Mishaan Design continues to grow each year, with new clients, books, and publications in addition to the furniture, art and accessories that complement Homer Design. This sustained growth is a testament to the high level of client care and upscale design that he provides. His all-encompassing designs are special in the way that they are able to capture and celebrate the individual styles and sensibilities of his varied clients. Mishaan is adept with many design styles and always manages to create a vision that is unique to not only the home’s owner but also its architecture.

This expansive reach across many avenues of interior design set Richard Mishaan Design ahead of the pack. This work is frequently and prominently featured in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. In addition to these magazines, Mishaan’s two design books entitled Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern present stunning design ideas that can be incorporated into your home. These books are nothing short of gorgeous and adorn many coffee tables across the country and even the world.

Richard Mishaan Design is active worldwide and we all look forward to seeing what he will do next!

Sheldon Lavin: The Face Behind The Growth Of OSI Group

When he began his career in banking and finance, Sheldon Lavin always knew he wanted to be an owner. However he had no idea he would eventually be the current chief executive officer and chairman at OSI Industries. Sheldon, as he is referred at OSI, was first introduced to OSI when it was still called Otto & Son in the 80s. the company had come to seek financial counsel for their company, and as a brilliant professional, Sheldon did a great job that they decided to bring him on board when they changed its name to OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has always been a revolutionary visionary leader. His charisma was witnessed when he led OSI Group into one of the most lucrative partnership with McDonalds. This strategic move saw OSI group move from being a small meat processor into a world class industry. Under his leadership, the company expanded their operations across Taiwan, Europe and China. His vision for OSI has been realized with the country expanding to seventeen countries across the globe.

Speaking to CEOSFO Magazine, Sheldon Lavin reveals that instilling a strong corporate culture, open communication and team work are some of the values that have helped OSI Group be who they are today. Sheldon discloses that he works closely with his workers and listens to their suggestions. Respecting their views is one of the things that helped the company form strong partnerships over last decades.

Sheldon’s commitment to the company, his visionary leadership and his determination has been appreciated by his team and people at large. In 2016, Sheldon was awarded by the Vision World Academy for his efforts and his commitment towards OSI Group, from a small meat wholesale to one of the refines meat processors in world.

In addition to his entrepreneurial journey, Sheldon Lavin is a great philanthropist. He encourages his team members to give back to the society within their means. He has walked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, where his contribution to the needy has been received with so much a[[recitation. He is also the president of Sheba Foundation and works closely with the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Iconic Figure in Grupo Televisa

     Mr. Salvi is viewed as the key man who is behind the quick development and accomplishment of Grupo Televisa. He right now fills in as the Chief Executive Officer of the stimulation division and works day and night to additionally build the organization’s prosperity. It is Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s aptitudes and learning about the media world that has made the organization develop splendidly. He is continually searching for new ideas for TV appears. When he turned into the CEO, he acquired an extremely positive change how the organization works. He has huge administration abilities.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has huge learning about the media business. This is on the grounds that he has spent the majority of his expert vocation years working in this same field. Rafael Salvi Folch Viadero worked for an organization before joining Grupo Televisa. He was the VP in that organization. It was Mr. Salvi who conveyed accomplishment to that organization also. He is a genuine expert and gives his everything to make his organization truly outstanding in the nation. It is difficult being a CEO of an organization. It requires a great deal of aptitude, learning, and exertion and Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has precisely these qualities and capacities. He is a genuine expert and gives his everything to make his organization truly outstanding in the nation. It is difficult being a CEO of an organization. It requires a great deal of aptitude, learning, and exertion and Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has precisely these qualities and capacities. Mr. Salvi has filled in as a Chief Financial Officer for an organization also.

Grupo Televisa S.A is essentially a Mexican media outlet that affectation diverse TV programs for the Spanish talking individuals. It gives broadcasting and radio as well as web access too. It is a standout amongst the most understood Spanish media outlets in the entire world.

The organization made an agreement with one of the greatest Spanish media outlet named, Univision quite a while prior. This agreement helped the organization become considerably more.


Beneful Commercial Healthy Dog Food

Beneful is a grain free dog food that is filled with Super Foods like farm-raised chicken, blueberries, pumpkin, and spinach. It is so tasty and healthy for your pet. Every bite will be their favorite bite, because it is a tasty meal for your pup. They will get a surge of energy after eating their food and will want to play and wrestle with their people.

Beneful’s new recipe is packed with chicken, grains, and vegetables. In fact, it is very similar to what is put on our kitchen tables, since it includes grains, proteins, and vegetables. You might have to hide it from your dog who won’t be able to resist getting more of their tasty meal. You might even find their face in the bag trying to get more of this exceptional food where chicken is the number one ingredient.

Beneful Healthy Weight is delicious for your pet and will make your dog feel strong and healthy. Your pup won’t even realize that it is a low-calorie meal. Rather, your dog will be ready to wrestle and have fun, because their food provides nutrition that is so important. It is filled with rice, chicken, vegetables, and apples, which will help your dog feel happy.



The life and times of American leading entrepreneur in software and technology, Eric Pulier, has philosophical basis in the experience of Alfred Nobel who is an inspiring reminder of the fact that one can flee from the ineluctable black hole of history while one still have life in him. The charismatic brilliant business leader has been an iconic influence in the realm of philanthropy for his passion and incredible commitment to the course of changing the lives of millions of lives through charity organizations and foundations across the globe.

Eric Pulier particular intrest in how he can impact on the lives of people anguishing under economic misery, suffering and agony. The Harvard educated entrepreneur is an iconic figure to a million of youths around the globe, who are jobless, for it is notable that he founded first computer company while he was still in high school. This is of great influence to a majority of youths for many of them pursue education with an aim of getting white collar jobs at the end only to be frustrated as global economic reality hit.

The intelligent Eric Pulier founded a number of life impacting organizations ever since. People doing things (PDT), which he founded in 1991, was applauded for its role in showcasing how technology can be harnessed to address societal problems such as disparities in education and poor health. His desire to elevate the standards of life for chronically ill children has also been unwearied in the course of time, influencing him to lead the effort that brought about Starbright world, a platform that help these children meet and share online.

Eric Pulier is a board member of X prize foundation and contribute a great deal to the Clinton foundation that has helped save millions of live in sub-Saharan Africa from the malaria epidemic, the leading cause of death in the region. The technology entrepreneur is a gifted motivational speaker on technology and has co -authored a book on enterprise whereby he inspects the dynamics of enterprising with high precision. He is also a father of four children.

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Justin Brown Builds A Successful Talent Agency And Calls It The Brown Modeling Agency

Justin Brown is originally from Reno, Nevada and modeled at an agency in order to work his way through college. Designer clothing was made for his body type and he modeled skinny jeans. He made approximately $100 an hour in comparison to the $6 an hour he had made washing golf carts. He attended college and studied business management because he was interested in working behind the cameras. He eventually discovered a subfield called development and placement and began to train and place models.

The work Justin Brown does for the Brown Agency is similar. The company was temporarily located above a Japanese fast food restaurant and called Heyman Talent South. His staff consisted of seven individuals responsible for the careers of 450 talents. He spent his childhood in Susanville, California and was considered a shy child who believed in rules. When he turned eighteen he began working for numerous firms in California building his knowledge and experience in his chosen field. He found models with the right look, made sure they had excellent photos, and introduced them to some of the biggest agencies worldwide. The agency placed between twenty and thirty percent of their models which is a high percentage in the field. At this point in time Justin Brown was only 21.

According to Market Wired, Justin Brown relocated to Austin in 2005 because he felt he could succeed in the city and truly wanted to live there. He immediately began a development business because he refused to make any promises he was not capable of keeping. He was able to take promising talent directly into the larger agencies on the coast due to his experience. Many individuals did not want to be in the larger markets so he explored local agencies but was not making any progress. For this reason in 2008 he began an agency called JB Models and Talent and in 2010 the company received licensing from the Wilhelmina national agency. This gave him necessary resources for print, commercials, and shows. He was attempting to make a local culture fit into the needs of the nation. Justin Brown saw the pride in Austin and realized the community had their own way of doing things. He wanted to take the agency to the level of the larger markets.

The Brown Agency charges a twenty percent cut for their models, fifteen percent for non-union video, television, film, and commercial gigs, and union jobs are charged ten percent. Although most of his protégés come from Houston or Dallas Justin Brown has noticed Austin wants a more alternative vibe including tattoos, funky hair, and piercings. He feels Dallas is much more conservative. There are only a few top agencies in Austin in competition with the Brown Agency.

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