Fabletics: Providing Their Customers With Convenience And Beautiful Activewear

It’s 2017, and it’s all about convenience. When people want to do something, they want to do it in the most optimal way possible. Especially when it comes to shopping online, convenience and efficiency are the keys to a successful online brand. However, in the world of online retail, Amazon currently holds over 20% of the market share. Owing to this, brands who want to start out in this sector of online retail find it extremely hard to make their mark and make themselves know. When trying to compete with a giant like Amazon, a brand has to be able to innovate and put their most creative foot forward to think of the numerous ways in which they can market their products. A shining example of a brand which has managed to make it big in the world of online retail is Fabletics as a brand started out in 2013 and in the span of a few years has had a brilliant growth rate of over 35%. Though some people may think of this as pure luck, the fact is that the brand has put in a lot of planning and effort to get it to the position it is in today.


When Fabletics entered the world of fashion, the brand faced numerous challenges when it came to finding a way to establish themselves as an online marketplace properly. The brand, therefore, decided to go with a membership plan like structure, one that isn’t typically used by clothing brands. As part of these group plans, Fabletics retained their customers and also kept them coming back for more. People tend to go out shopping maybe once a month owing to the busy lives they tend to lead, with little or no time to spend a day browsing through numerous stores. Fabletics took care of that problem that many people face by sending them and outfit every month based on the information and preferences that the customers gave when they were registering for their membership.


As convenient as the world of online shopping might be, there will always be people who are adverse to the world of online shopping and who prefer to shop from stores in person. When Fabletics did some research on this particular trend and their customer base, they came up with a brilliant idea to help these clients and give them what they would need to get comfortable with shopping online. The brand started setting up their physical stores in varied locations across the country to penetrate into the world of showrooming and physical stores and to also get that untapped market segment into their brand. The brand adopted a technique known as reverse showrooming for this. As part of this method, customers can have a look at the brands clothing online and come to their physical stores and try them on, to get a feel and look of the products. The brand makes sure that only those products that are available in stores are shown on their website to minimize the disappointment that customers would face if the product weren’t there for them to try on.

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