How Avi Weisforgel became a Master of two extreme Worlds

For many people, engaging themselves in several activities and achieving success is not a cup of tea. Avi Weisfogel, however, has beaten the odds to become good in both dentistry and music. He is a trained dentist and sleep specialist and also a hip-hop artist. He says that he enjoys doing both and cannot feel fulfilled with his life without the two.

In the past, hip-hop music was associated with the street life and violence but a new generation of artists seeks to change this by proving that the dark old days of hip-hop are over. The artists aim to entertain their fans without necessarily portraying a gangster culture in their music.

Avi is also committed to dentistry and dedicates a huge chunk of his time to improving his education and work experience. As a result, he is a well-respected dentist who takes on jobs that other dentists may view as difficult or too complicated. In fact, most of his patients are referred to him by other dentists who feel they cannot handle a patient’s situation as well as Avi would.

Avi is also a family man who adheres to staunch family values. He loves children and supports charitable organizations that cater for the happiness of children. Subsequently, he is a number one supporter of Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international charitable organization that works to restore a smile on the faces of children throughout the world.

Operation Smile began over 35 years ago and has helped over 200,000 children in over 80 countries throughout the world. Avi launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money will supplement his donations to Operation Smile.

Many of Avi’s fan say that his music is amazing. His recent work was published on SoundCloud to allow his fans to visit the website and listen to his music. Soundcloud is a website that allows users to post, listen, and download music online.

Avi believes that social media is a tool which, if embraced professionally, could bring positive changes in society. For this reason, he is an active social media user with his Twitter page attracting thousands of followers. He uses social media platforms to interact constantly with his fans and share his knowledge with them.

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