Wen by Chaz Fine Hair Experiment

Does it work? I ask this question while watching beauty product infomercials and I always keep a lookout for customer reviews. So when I saw Emily McClure’s review on bustle.com for a WEN by Chaz product, I read it with great interest.

Wen by Chaz is a line of natural hair care products, most famous is the cleansing conditioner n Sephora. It is sulfate free so great for color treated hair and again it is all natural. I found the ingredients on Chazdean.com. It is a 5 in 1 hair cleaner meaning that it replaces shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler.
Emily picked the fig cleansing conditioner and tried it for seven days. In summary, she loved the results of her hair after each use and blow dry. However, she did not use the product everyday and was less satisfied on days that she didn’t have time to shower. Also, she felt her hair was more oily a few times and I noticed that the fig conditioner is recommended for thick hair, so I thought it worth mentioning.

The Wen collection has three “flavors” of their original cleanser for all hair types and they are the Amazon best selling sweet almond mint, lavender, and pomegranate.

I would love to read a follow up where Emily tries an original formula in addition to using the styling products. Also, only in the mornings so her hair would be fresh for the day. I would say that even though she was not completely satisfied that it did not fit in with her schedule, it has me interested. Here is a link to the original article http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Learn the Wen secret: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html



IAP WORLDWIDE is a company which you should both research, use, and respect. They deliver service of quality. They partner with people of excellence. They employ the highest standards and the most honest of measures. All in all, they truly are the best of the best to work under, serve with, partner alongside, or speak about as a whole. This company is truly and genuinely, uniquely and wholly, committed to mutual success and lasting benefit for all parties involved with them….and they cover all aspects of any healthy organization from the top to the bottom, and even vice versa!

To begin with, IAP WORLDWIDE stands for INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE…and boy, do they deliver upon this name and promise! First of all, they include within the company what are called codes of ethics or honor….which all employees in all divisions of the company must strictly and professionally, courteously adhere to. Upon such codes on LinkedIn there are based respective consequences and rewards both good and bad…which are in turn based upon adherence and compliance, of course.

Listed in the Code of Ethics page, you will find a one of a kind Honor Code, which I quote, states that: “An employee will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. The IAP Honor Code(“Honor Code”) establishes a baseline standard of conduct. Moreover, when the Honor Code is interpreted using the following three questions, it enables an individual…”

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

Any one who commits any violation of any policy or code within IAP Worldwide, can self admit and be shown clemency….based on the nature of the specific infraction or infractions committed. One may also report illegal or abusive actions or attitudes as seen in other employees, on a confidential basis…..to the ethics line. A report will always be created, and the particular issue at hand will be dealt with by the ethics department of the company.

If one contacts the Ethics Hotline, he or she may expect to have their concern taken seriously, to have their complaint about IAP kept confidential to the greatest extent possible, and also to remain anonymous. This is truly a serious company about serious business, serving serious minded people in many areas of the world.

The name of the organization itself is attractive. The people are hard working and dedicated. The sales and business is well thriving. How, then, could one not see the success of this company?

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

Securus Leading Inmate Life Progress

Within the prison private industry, there are many different companies that are fighting for business. One that stands out from this group of businesses is Securus. The company focuses on not only supplying great service to its correctional facilities, but also looks to improve its services anyway possible. The company has just made a giant leap in savings for its customers through its new ConnectUs service. This new program started by Securus will allow inmates, families, and prison officers to be able to fill out and alter forms all online. This helps to save prison materials through making forms digital, along with saving prison employees time. Normally employees would have to go through all these forms and sort them into their proper piles. This new system does all of this for them and delivers forms faster through the use of the internet.

The ConnectUs program is just one of the many different ways that Securus innovates the prison servicing market. They not only tend to the prison’s needs, but also to the inmates within and therefore beginning innovation for both sectors. Securus’s ingenuity has expanded to over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and prison divisions across the nation. This has led the company to serving about 1,200,000 inmates. Through their different services Securus has been able to serve these inmates and divisions with unparalleled service and innovation. These are the reasons why people keep coming back to the Securus brand.

Looking Back at Shaygan Kheradpir’s Resume

No matter what business it is or how long it’s been in existence, a changing of the guard in key employees and staff is almost always a given. Shaygan Kheradpir, a technological guru of shorts, knows this quite well.

Coriant, a big company in the telecommunications industry, has recently seen a big change in how it will be run in the near future. That change involves Shaygan Kheradpir, who has just been appointed to be the CEO of the company. This moves comes after Kheradpir had spent a large portion of his time working closely with the various vendors who had been operating in and alongside the company, even dating back to when he was a mere operating manager at Marlin Equity Partners. His talent, coupled with his years of experience, made him a perfect candidate for the position change. With him now serving as the CEO, he will replace former CEO Pat DiPietro, who now will operate as the vice chairman of Marlin Equity.

Before coming to Coriant, Kheradpir lived a humble life at first. Originally a native of London, England, he spent his youth living in Iran before deciding to move overseas and pursue his educational studies at Cornell University. By the time of his graduation, he had earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees all in the field of electrical engineering.

After finishing up school, Kheradpir earned his first job at GTE Laboratories, working as a networking and routing manager while there. His work was so impressive that his supervisors promoted him to the position of chief information officer (CIO) of the company. It was in 2000 that GTE had merged with Bell Atlantic and Verizon Communications was the new and resulting company. There, Kheradpir remained installed as the CIO and he was tasked with overseeing small work groups that would be responsible for developing and creating new technology for Verizon to put on the market. One of the major breakthroughs at the company ended up being a huge development that aided in Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative that let customers manager their DVR, or digital video recording. “Iobi” was another development at Verizon, and Iobi was simply a phone application that managed a user’s phone and address book. During Kheradpir’s tenure he was able to significantly reduce the IT budget and staff needed and cut down on vendors who purchased technology from failed business groups.


How Image Recognition Technology Is Changing Business


Image recognition technology has a wide array of different uses. It can be used to help improve security, but it also has astonishing applications for the business world. Image recognition technology is being used to identify products and provide information about them. This makes things much easier for business owners, and it also is changing the way that customers learn about products that are for sale.

This technology also means that business owners must be careful that their products are being priced reasonably. If they aren’t, customers will be more likely to figure it out. Image recognition technology is being increasingly used by savvy consumers, as well as business owners.

Nowadays, there are a number of different providers of image recognition technology. However, one particularly successful and reputable maker of image recognition technology is Slyce. Slyce offers products that can be used to scan virtually every item and identify it. When the item is identified, the Slyce app provides you with important information about it. This includes the typical price of the item, and you can compare this to the price that the seller is offering. You can even use it to scan items around your house. This can be very helpful to those that are looking to start an online business, because you can determine what is going to have value. The technology that is offered by Slyce also operates very quickly.

In addition, there is a feature that Slyce has where you can sell the item right from the app. The app is designed to automatically list items that you choose to list. Those that have online businesses often take a lot of time to list an item, but Slyce can allow the listing process to happen immediately when you list the item through the Slyce app. Additionally, the listings that are done by Slyce can be very successful, in terms of sales. Slyce will not only list the product, but it will provide you with a full and comprehensive listing of the item.

In addition to scanning items, Slyce can also be used for the scanning of coupons and barcodes. It can even be used to scan images that are on billboards or advertisements. These features that are offered by Slyce also work quite accurately, and they can be effective to determine whether or not a promotional offer truly is a good deal.