George Soros Goes Bearish Over Gold

George Soros has made a return to investing and trading in a big way. The Wall Street Journal has chosen to refer to his return as “bearish”. In stock marketing parlance, “bear markets” and “bearish” refer to highly profitable activity. A bearish stock market is on the rise. George Soros is absolutely being active putting millions upon millions of dollars into gold-related assets.

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Will Soros’ endeavors end up being profitable? Soros is a brilliant man with decades of experience in trading and investing. His hedge fund has earned him billions. Soros has not put money into the market with the intention of losing any funds. He is directing money into the gold market because he feels there are major profits to be earned.

CNBC reports Soros Fund Management handles about $30 billion in wealth on behalf of Soros and his family. A massive amount of money is being transferred to investment vehicles based on the gold market. Not only does this include purchases of physical gold, but also publicly traded gold mining stocks.

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George Soros Trading Again

Soros feels the current economic landscape is going to take a major downturn. If the various stock markets dive and currency are devalued, gold prices rise. At the very least, gold will remain stable and people can preserve their net worth.

Soros has cited a host of factors in the reasons why the global economies could end up doing poorly. The current economic landscape of China – currently embodying capital flight – is one thing that has Soros severely concerned. In the days preceding the Brexit, George Soros made no secret about his belief the global economy would suffer if the United Kingdom departed the European Union.

Over the past ten years, George Soros was starting to become better known for his political and philanthropic endeavors. His Open Society Foundations have been involved with various causes all over the world. Soros return to the financial market has been somewhat surprising to many.

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