Securus Plans New Reports To Inform The Public About Integrity Breaches BY GTL

In what officials everywhere are hailing as a bold move, those at Securus Technologies will be releasing a series of reports to the general public. Securus is one of the nation’s leading providers of justice technology solutions. I know that they have helped make my own life easier in many varied ways. This is why I am excited to learn of this important new development. The report helps highlight why I am so happy to have them on my side and in my life. I was extremely pleased to read their new press release in great detail and have the opportunity to learn of their latest venture.

Acting In The Public Interest

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Rich Smith. He tells people that he loves the industry and wants to do everything he can to help make sure that it continues to serve the needs of the public in every way. He and many others at the company are planning to conduct a review of multiple reports of possible wrongdoing at GTL. This will be part of a series of press releases that are going to be given to the general public over the coming six months.

A Dallas Based Company

Securus is located in my own hometown of Dallas, Texas. Dallas is one of the best places to work in the entire state and the entire country. I have found this company to be always open and aboveboard in their dealings with the public. I look forward to reading the reports issued by Securus over the next six months directly.

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