George Soros Goes Bearish Over Gold

George Soros has made a return to investing and trading in a big way. The Wall Street Journal has chosen to refer to his return as “bearish”. In stock marketing parlance, “bear markets” and “bearish” refer to highly profitable activity. A bearish stock market is on the rise. George Soros is absolutely being active putting millions upon millions of dollars into gold-related assets.

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Will Soros’ endeavors end up being profitable? Soros is a brilliant man with decades of experience in trading and investing. His hedge fund has earned him billions. Soros has not put money into the market with the intention of losing any funds. He is directing money into the gold market because he feels there are major profits to be earned.

CNBC reports Soros Fund Management handles about $30 billion in wealth on behalf of Soros and his family. A massive amount of money is being transferred to investment vehicles based on the gold market. Not only does this include purchases of physical gold, but also publicly traded gold mining stocks.

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George Soros Trading Again

Soros feels the current economic landscape is going to take a major downturn. If the various stock markets dive and currency are devalued, gold prices rise. At the very least, gold will remain stable and people can preserve their net worth.

Soros has cited a host of factors in the reasons why the global economies could end up doing poorly. The current economic landscape of China – currently embodying capital flight – is one thing that has Soros severely concerned. In the days preceding the Brexit, George Soros made no secret about his belief the global economy would suffer if the United Kingdom departed the European Union.

Over the past ten years, George Soros was starting to become better known for his political and philanthropic endeavors. His Open Society Foundations have been involved with various causes all over the world. Soros return to the financial market has been somewhat surprising to many.

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Product Recognition Software Is Forever Changing The Way You Shop

While innovations in technology have enhanced the importance of visual images in the everyday lives of people by allowing us to see nearly every aspect of our world rather than just hear or read about them, it’s important to remember that many computers and other technological devices that convey this visual information are not actually able to independently recognize these images. For years, their job has been to display them.

That’s all changing, though, with the arrival of image recognition software.

At its core, image recognition software deals with innovations in technology that allow computer devices to analyze an image and relay relevant information to the user. What used to require thousands of lines of code can now be done with a photo. It’s an innovation that is changing the way developers look at the capabilities of computers.

It’s also changing the way that we shop. A subset of image recognition called product recognition is being explored by companies that believe the future of shopping lies in the ability to use images to convey your needs to a computer. One such company is Slyce ( whose revolutionary image recognition software has allowed businesses to easily incorporate production recognition software into their websites. Thanks to companies like Slyce, users are now able to see an object, take a picture and let their device lead them to exactly where to find it.

But that’s just the start. Similar software is also being used for things such as barcode systemization, coupon uploading, and deal finding. Retailers who just a few years ago had never heard of this technology are now finding new ways to use it in order to enhance the shopping experience, and they are finding them nearly every day.

While the rapid growth rate of this technology makes it difficult to predict just how far it will go, the one thing that is becoming clear is that image and product recognition will one day lead to a world in which shoppers will no longer find it necessary to ask questions like “Where did you get that?” Instead, they will be able to pick up their phones, grab an image of the item and know not only where to get it, but who has the best deals for it.

For manufacturers, this means nearly instantaneous brand recognition. For retailers, it opens up a whole new world of organic advertising. For the average consumer, however, it means never again having to miss out on an item you desire most simply because you’re unsure where to get it.

Securus Plans New Reports To Inform The Public About Integrity Breaches BY GTL

In what officials everywhere are hailing as a bold move, those at Securus Technologies will be releasing a series of reports to the general public. Securus is one of the nation’s leading providers of justice technology solutions. I know that they have helped make my own life easier in many varied ways. This is why I am excited to learn of this important new development. The report helps highlight why I am so happy to have them on my side and in my life. I was extremely pleased to read their new press release in great detail and have the opportunity to learn of their latest venture.

Acting In The Public Interest

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Rich Smith. He tells people that he loves the industry and wants to do everything he can to help make sure that it continues to serve the needs of the public in every way. He and many others at the company are planning to conduct a review of multiple reports of possible wrongdoing at GTL. This will be part of a series of press releases that are going to be given to the general public over the coming six months.

A Dallas Based Company

Securus is located in my own hometown of Dallas, Texas. Dallas is one of the best places to work in the entire state and the entire country. I have found this company to be always open and aboveboard in their dealings with the public. I look forward to reading the reports issued by Securus over the next six months directly.

Ouch, a bad review? Don’t let it cost your business money!

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Wild Colors with Doe Deere


I love color. Show me an electric blue or a dark emerald green and I’m happy as can be. As an artist, I know exactly how color can help people think better and feel better. I know that color is what makes any place sing even on a nothing day. This is why I’ve been so happy to find a makeup company that shares my vision. That makeup company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere, a visionary artistic person who believes that life is better for all of us when we have color in our lives.

Color Everywhere

Deere is someone who shares the vision I have of seeing color everywhere at all times. When you go to Lime Crime, you can see just how much she loves color. Her makeup says goodbye to dull browns and boring shades that look like nothing on your face. Instead, you get a burst of color in your life when you look at the products for sale at Lime Crime. You get colors that let you tap into your sense that life should be all about being surrounded by shades that help you feel as if the world is a wonderful place.

An Amazing Vision

Like people I’ve come to admire and wish to take inspiration from, Deere is an original. She’s not someone who wants to look like everyone else. She wants us all to let go of our inner sense of what is standard and traditional when it comes to makeup. Instead, she asks us to see the world through different eyes. I know that when I look on her site, I’m not just being asked to see makeup. In a sense, I’ve been asked to see an entirely new world. This is why I find she’s such a person I can follow so easily.

A New world

When you log on to her site, you’re being given a vision that is not just about makeup in a sense. You’re also being given the chance to explore new ideas that are all about being yourself and being part of the contemporary fashion scene at the same time. I love being able to experiment with makeup of all kinds just as I know that Deere does. This is why I choose to buy her makeup at Lime Crime. I’m know that I’m buying a life vision as well.