Status Labs President Explains How They Recovered From a PR Emergency

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin Texas. About a year ago, Status Labs suffered a public relations fiasco of its own, when the CEO engaged in activities that, although they had nothing to do with Status Labs, reflected poorly on the company with the local community in Austin.

Status Labs was founded in 2012 and is now one of the premier companies operating in the online reputation management space. They’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover their good name online. When companies receive bad press or customer complaints that spread through social media or are on page one of Google search results for their name, they need to do something about it. That’s what Status Labs helps them do, recover their online good name.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Darius Fisher, President and Co-founder of Status Labs, explains how the company recovered from its own drop in reputation.

His first piece of advice is to acknowledge the company must change its behavior. Companies cannot simply continue to do things that damage their reputation and simply pay reputation management firms to sweep all the negativity under the rug. In the online world, that’s not possible or sustainable. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. The first thing Status Labs did was employees called upon the “guilty” executive to resign. Status Labs posted that letter, plus a group photo of the employees, online. That helped to show the media and web visitors the company’s employees did not condone the action of the one individual.

Status Labs realized their local business community did not know them, so they got out and volunteered for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

The negative media attention really hurt employee morale, and several valuable employees wound up leaving, so Fisher also focused on ways to improve his team’s spirits. He instituted an employee stock option program so they would have a personal stake in its future success. They scheduled outings, and encouraged employees to bring their pets to work. Every Friday they bought lunch through a local caterer. And they have much improved how much they publicly recognize individual and team achievements.

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  1. I was about to yell and screan when I read that the first thing Status Labs did was employees called upon the guilty executive to resign. The truth is that there is no iota of guilt in him when he resingned. In fact we at rush essays belive that his resigmation is a delibrate one.

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