Makari de Suisse; a Solution for Flawless Dark Skin

Makari de Suisse is an attractive commodity to enhance good looks in both men and women of color. People with dark skins have usually experienced difficulty in acquiring beauty products that suit them. To address this issue, Makari de Suisse has come up with a line that fits the requirements of this group of individuals.
Products by Makari come from Switzerland. The country is well-known for its standards in the production of quality products. The goods being manufactured go through the deep analysis to ensure that they tick all requirements. The products are produced using naturally occurring plant and caviar by-products.

Makari de Suisse has created the skin lightening creams to cater for the demands of their customers. The company makes their products from a formula made of natural substances. Carrot Oil, Argan Oil, Caviar, and other ingredients that are used in production ensure that the goods hydrate the skin of the user.
The Makari de Suisse products bring many benefits to the user’s skin. They help reduce black spots, acne spots, and stretch marks on the skin. Such blemishes prevent the tone of the skin from being as perfect as one would want, affecting the person’s self-esteem. Many consumers of Makari appreciate the effect that they experience when they use the products. Makari de Suisse aims at ensuring that their customers achieve the skin tone they all desire.

Makari has spread its wings into new markets all over the world. The products by Makari are available in most local cosmetic shops. Private places in Paris, Brussels, and New York also have the formulas’. Makari de Suisse contains various other products. They range from Baby Care products to Make-up and Body lotions. Each of the products comes with its different scent.
The brand ensures that none of their commodities contains any substance that may bring unwanted results to the consumers. Makari de Suisse also ensures that ingredients used are those that are accepted all over. There is no single product by the company that incorporates Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is an ingredient that is commonly present in other types of products for dark skins. Tests have shown that the constituent causes adverse side effects to users.

Makari products aim at providing skincare products that are naturally compatible with the skin. They ensure that they submit their customers with commodities that improve the glow of the skin in a natural way. The name Makari is a Swahili word for beautiful and therefore the product promises to help the consumer achieve a flawless skin.

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George Soros Making Headlines with Another Ominous Prediction

Breaking across boundaries and oceans, London is now the main focus among investors and financial tycoons as a truly historic vote is soon to take place.

Great Britain, a place known for its history and lush beautiful landscape, is casting its vote on whether to leave the European Union. Tension is high as the day draws nearer and while many have their own opinion on why such a move could prove disastrous for Britain as a whole, one man has decided to cast in his two cents worth with a prediction that many feel should not be ignored.

George Soros, WWII survivor and renowned philanthropist has given an ominous warning of what would befall the British pound should they leave the Union. Famous for his prediction over twenty years ago which coined the name Black Wednesday, Soros is not unfamiliar with cynicism concerning his financial counsel. However his record more than speaks for itself and many are giving heed to the words uttered by a man who so capably amassed a fortune for himself on the day in which he ‘broke the British bank’. Predicting that the value of the pound would suffer a sharp decline, rendering it almost to equal the value of the American dollar.

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Brexit wound: UK vote makes EU decline ‘practically irreversible’, Soros says

There are others who agree with George Soros that leaving the Union would be a bad move, famous athlete David Beckham and his wife Victoria also plead passionately with the people of Great Britain to vote in favor of their Remain campaign and stay in the European Union. Among them others give their support to the campaign including successful actor Benedict Cumberbatch, author J.K. Rowling and singer Elton John.

The main focus today though is on George Soros and whether his newest prediction will come to pass. Many are skeptical, the leading one among them and staunch supporter of the Leave Campaign being Britain’s Justice Secretary Michael Gove, was reported saying in a recent interview that Soros had been wrong before. However it is difficult to argue with a man many respect and consider as a towering figure in the philanthropic world. With his prediction ringing in our ears as well as his past history reminding us not to take his words lightly, many investors are biting their nails in anticipation of what the future might bring. For now we can only wait and watch as voting day draws ever closer to decide the fate of the British pound and the prediction which could very well spell its doom.

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Hello Hair, Meet Wen!

Wen Cleansing Conditioner may be the dream come true for your hair. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner was created to be super gentle to the hair. It was made to wash, condition and to be a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner and a detangler product all rolled into one product.
The hair master behind the Wen Cleansing Conditioner is the celebrated famous hair stylist Chaz Dean []. He has worked with all kinds of clients at his salon in Los Angeles. Many of the clients he sees have complained about or had very damaged hair. His clients’ need for healthy hair made Chaz decide to make a line of gentle hair care products. Wen was born from that dream of his.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner has been reviewed positively by all sorts of businesses, customers, beauty bloggers and beauty employees that it is almost redundant to review it once again. However, a young female writer from the Bustle website wrote of her own opinion of using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

She was truly pleased with the results her hair felt and looked like when she used the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. She did feel it made her hair healthier and livelier. She felt less hairs fell from her head when she washed her hair using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, than the number of hair that fell from her head when she washed with her shampoo and conditioner. In fact she noted not seeing any at all really. She said it made her hair appear very pretty and shiny. From this young woman’s perspective it sounds like you should introduce your hair to Wen Cleansing Conditioner too. Wen is available on Amazon and high end stores like Sephora.

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JustFab and Summer Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for a summer wardrobe isn’t exactly the easiest thing. It can make some people feel hopeless, overwhelmed, confused and annoyed. That’s why JustFab is such a genius idea. JustFab is the name of a style subscription service that’s available online. People who sign up for this website can quickly receive access to fashion suggestions that are right up their alley. JustFab, as a result, can make a wonderful option for people who simply don’t have time to spend hours browsing stores online and offline for clothing they want to buy.

People everywhere are raving about JustFab’s summer clothing choices. The Internet store has a designated “summer shop” that makes it easy for shoppers to check out what they have. The summer shop consists of a large selection of dresses, bottoms, tops and swimwear. It also consists of a large selection of shoes, jewelry and handbags. The summer tops at JustFab are enjoyable to view and explore. The choices in cute and laid-back tank tops, for example, are particularly abundant. People who want to put their summer arms on display will surely be delighted by all of the options. Other kinds of summer tops that are available at JustFab include V-neck T-shirts, chambray shirts, tunics and off shoulder tops. It doesn’t matter what peoples’ individual tastes in summer tops are. JustFab can cater to all style preferences.

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Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop

It’s a lot of fun to check out all of the summer bottoms for sale at JustFab as well. Cargo pants, for example, can be excellent summer attire options for people who want to feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time. Culottes are also excellent for people who want to make summer style statements. Jeggings can be great, too. People who want to combine “jeans” and “leggings” can have a lot of fun playing with jegging styles.

Skirts are summer staples for many people. People who want to highlight their legs for the summer can enjoy many choices in shorter skirts. People who want to feel relaxed, comfy and cozy can explore many choices in flowing skirts, too. JustFab has many attractive maxi skirt options available to customers. The store’s tiered maxi skirts are especially endearing and memorable.

JustFab streamlines the shopping process at People who want to change their looks up for the summertime don’t have to agonize over long lines and messy store displays at shopping centers. That’s because turning to JustFab is such an easy and stress-free process. People who are interested in the luxury of customized summer style tips can sign up at JustFab and proceed from there. It isn’t hard to save money at JustFab, either. The shop has a nice selection of summer looks that are on sale.

Crystal Hunt Moves From Daytime to Night in an XXL Way

When many flock to the cinema this summer, they may be surprised to see Daytime televisions own Crystal Hunt in the summer box-office hit Magic Mike XXL. In an article released today by PR Newswire, we find that Hunt is joined by an all-star cast containing lead actor Channing Tatum, supporting actresses Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks, and various other female powerhouses. The line up for this movie is sure to impress.

We find that Hunt’s stardom began early in life with her involvements in beauty pageants since she was 2 years old. She was featured in various commercials including one for Walt Disney and *NSYNC. Crystal’s most notable role is that of Lizzie Spaulding in daytime televisions Guiding Light.

According to the article, Crystal has began to focus her talents to include a new documentary series “Queens of Drama”. This series allows her to be a part of both the on-screen and off-screen processes of production. It follows a group of former daytime and primetime actresses as they attempt to create a new series. Their ultimate goal is to land a pilot by the end of their production period. Hunt feels the female empowerment present in the making of Magic Mike XXL is similar to the strength these actresses have to come together and create something truly unique.  Be sure to check out Crystal’s photography website, and follow her on Instagram @Crystal_Hunt.

Sanjay Shah: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

The Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise show played host to Sanjay Shah, the man behind the establishment of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital. The show is primarily for the primary purpose of offering motivation to entrepreneurs is hosted by Eric Dye. The interview shed light on a couple of matters vital among them the events leading to the creation of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is an international brokerage firm that based in London. To run a successful business, Sanjay Shah told the listeners that it is important to give value to whatever amount of money that they have and maximize on it. Sanjay also added that it is important to work with other individuals whenever one is contemplating to start a business.

Sanjay loves music and through Autism Rocks, he has explored this side of him that people rarely knew. He founded Autism Rocks in the year 2014. The reason behind this was the sudden diagnosis that his son was suffering from autism. To raise awareness about autism and funds to support other children suffering from the same, he regularly organizes music concerts. He invites famous artists to these concerts, and they are quite helpful in his autism campaign and awareness initiatives. One can visit to learn more about the activities and research on autism and more about Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah first studied medicine before venturing into the business world. He has vast experience in the financial and investment industry. Sanjay Shah has worked at various prestigious investment banking firms such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. These investment banks offered him a wide range of experience in investment banking. The skills he had acquired came in handy when he decide to create Solo Capital.

Solo Capital provides financial and brokerage services. The services it offers are such as asset performance management, human capital consultancy, commercial advisory, professional sports investments and talent acquisition. Solo Capital provides excellent services to its clients, and this has, in turn, has led to it being among the very best brokerage firms in the world.

Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and through Autism Rocks, he has been able to involve himself actively in such initiatives. He works in close cooperation with the Dubai Autism Center to learn more about autism and the challenges that families with children suffering from autism face daily. Sanjay Shah remains a force reckoned in the financial and investment industry.


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JustFab has just what what you need for summer

Summer…longer days, warmer nights and weekends full of possibilities. Feeling confident and gorgeous is the key to enjoying all that summer has to offer. Imagine never wondering if you have something to wear for all of the must-attend events, long weekends and vacations. Now imagine having access to this wardrobe full of amazing looks, outstanding quality, at incredibly affordable prices, all created with your own personal style in mind. Does this sound too good to be true? Take a minute to check out to see just how easy looking fabulous can be at

Since 2010, JustFab has been creating and customizing looks that take of women from Rodeo Drive to Main Street and everywhere in between. As the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site and lifestyle fashion brand on, JustFab takes pride in offering amazing style at outstanding prices. Members of JustFab’s in-house Los Angeles design team, who are committed to staying on fashion’s cutting edge, create every spot on style.

JustFab’s offerings for this summer season are fresh and fantastic. Take a peek at JustFab’s summer catalog and you will find the season’s hottest trends accompanied by the coolest classics. Off the shoulder tops and tops featuring the cut out “cold shoulder” look are positively essential this summer; these tops pair marvelously with flirty skirts or distressed denim, which are also huge this summer. Round out your wardrobe with versatile rompers, kaftans, jumpsuits and lovely lingerie inspired dresses. Look for big pops of color and bold statement jewelry that will turn heads everywhere you go. JustFab has a variety of items which take their inspiration from Moroccan design, Native American motifs, and chic peasant styling. Be sure to check out JustFab’s unique and diverse shoe selection, in to-die-for styles ranging from strappy sandals; gladiators; wedges; and stilettos, seen in bold bright,chic classic and nicely neutral colors. Add a coordinating or complementing bag in one of the summer’s signature styles. Bucket bags, cross body bags, satchels, and totes will take you from the beach to the boardroom and back with ease. See:

See for yourself, head over to, get your style profile and suggestions of what looks match your unique personality. Then learn more about JustFab’s outstanding VIP program, free shipping offers, and more. What are you waiting for? Summer is here, but it won’t last forever.

SEC Whistleblower: Write Article

The SEC Whistleblower Program came into being following the US Stock Market Crash of 2008-09. Here is a brief back- story that led to the Program. The crash of 2008-09 lopped off $7 trillion of household wealth. There was an enormous outcry at the way banks and mortgage institutions had defrauded investors and pension funds. They had written mortgages at sub prime rates, often without investigating the background of clients, their earnings and whether they even had a job. The rating agencies colluded in the process by giving them an A or AA rating. To unload this junk the banks and mortgage institutions packaged these mortgages into what were called Collateralized Debt Obligations or CDOs and sold them to investors and pension funds. The whole thing blew up when there were no bids to buy and the market froze. The crash followed. The banks were bailed out with the enactment of TARP using taxpayer money. The Federal Reserve started printing money and buying bonds and mortgage backed securities from banks and mortgage lenders. All toll, the Federal Reserve bought $4.3 trillion of this stuff, some of it at FACE VALUE.

When investors and pension funds found out that they had been duped, they cried out for regulations to recoup their losses. The result was the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. A section of this Act was devoted to the Whistleblower Program. This program outlines specific guidelines that enable Whistleblowers to come forward, to protect their identity and to prevent retaliations from their employers.

The rules of the program state that the “Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will pay 10% to 30% of the monetary sanctions collected as a result of successful enforcement action or actions in which the sanctions exceed $1 million.”

In cases where the sanctions exceed $1 million, a Whistleblower may collect additional monetary rewards from other regulatory or enforcement agencies.

Under the program the Whistleblower is protected. His/her identity can remain anonymous if represented by a SEC Whistleblower attorney. He/she is not required to provide persons identifying information or the names of possible security violations. Information given to the SEC can be by telephone, email or electronic submission through the website. Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation from their employer.

The highest Whistleblower payment was for $30 million on September 2014. The most recent payment was for $17 million, the second highest. All toll the SEC awarded $85 million to 32 Whistleblowers.

Beneful: A Dog Food Brand With Many Appetizing Products

Beneful makes a kind of wet dog food that’s called the “Beef & Chicken Medley.” This canine meal is precisely what it sounds like, and that’s a combination of beef and chicken. People can purchase Beef & Chicken Medley meals for their dogs in 10 ounce tubs. Other than beef and chicken, this wet food contains wild rice and a couple different kinds of vegetables (carrots and green beans). Beneful’s Beef & Chicken Medley can make a strong meal choice for owners who want to feed their pooches a wonderfully balanced combination of meat, vegetables and grains.

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“Incredibites” is a dry dog food that’s available on Amazon from Beneful. Owners who want to feed their pets chicken can opt for the chicken version, although a beef version is also available. The primary ingredient in this dry formula is farm-raised chicken. The other beneficial ingredients that make up chicken Incredibites, however, are spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots. Incredibites is a Beneful dog food that’s appropriate for small-sized dogs. This food was specifically formulated for dogs that are fully grown, too. It is not a food for growing young puppies.

Beneful also makes delicious treats for canines. The brand has a “Baked Delights” line of treats that come in many flavors. One popular flavor choice is called “beef and cheese.” These baked treats have crunchy textures on the outside. Their savory middles, however, are the total opposite. They’re actually quite smooth. Owners who want to give their sweet pets rewards for good behavior may want to reach into the cabinet for Baked Delights. Other flavor options are chicken and cheese, bacon and cheese, peanut butter and cheese and bacon and apple.

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This dog food brand has “Chopped Blends” that are great for pooches who love wet food. Dogs who go crazy for turkey may love the Chopped Blends that contain, apart from poultry, spinach, brown rice and sweet potatoes. These blends are coated in a nice amount of sauce. Other Chopped Blends varieties include chicken, beef, lamb and salmon offerings. One Chopped Blends option includes both chicken and liver. Its other key ingredients include sweet potatoes, brown rice and peas. All these products can be found on Wal-Mart supermarkets.


Status Labs President Explains How They Recovered From a PR Emergency

Status Labs is a reputation management firm based in Austin Texas. About a year ago, Status Labs suffered a public relations fiasco of its own, when the CEO engaged in activities that, although they had nothing to do with Status Labs, reflected poorly on the company with the local community in Austin.

Status Labs was founded in 2012 and is now one of the premier companies operating in the online reputation management space. They’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover their good name online. When companies receive bad press or customer complaints that spread through social media or are on page one of Google search results for their name, they need to do something about it. That’s what Status Labs helps them do, recover their online good name.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Darius Fisher, President and Co-founder of Status Labs, explains how the company recovered from its own drop in reputation.

His first piece of advice is to acknowledge the company must change its behavior. Companies cannot simply continue to do things that damage their reputation and simply pay reputation management firms to sweep all the negativity under the rug. In the online world, that’s not possible or sustainable. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. The first thing Status Labs did was employees called upon the “guilty” executive to resign. Status Labs posted that letter, plus a group photo of the employees, online. That helped to show the media and web visitors the company’s employees did not condone the action of the one individual.

Status Labs realized their local business community did not know them, so they got out and volunteered for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

The negative media attention really hurt employee morale, and several valuable employees wound up leaving, so Fisher also focused on ways to improve his team’s spirits. He instituted an employee stock option program so they would have a personal stake in its future success. They scheduled outings, and encouraged employees to bring their pets to work. Every Friday they bought lunch through a local caterer. And they have much improved how much they publicly recognize individual and team achievements.

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