Dr Walden RecapJennifer Walden Comes Back To Her Roots

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the nation’s most respected surgeons. The good doctor has come back to Austin, Texas where she grew up. In an article for Austin, MD, Magazine Dr. Walden talks about her life growing up Texas and her current career as one of the area’s most respected surgeons. She is native of this region. Her parents both opted for medical careers, setting a role model for her to follow into the world of medicine. She is one of five kids, all of whom have also gone on to careers that help make their parents proud of them.

Her Own Training

Dr. Walden earned her college undergraduate degree right here in Texas. She did very well as an undergraduate. After applying to medical school, she was initially wait listed. Ultimately admitted, she was determined to prove that she belonged in the school by devoting her time to academics. She proved to be an able student, graduating second in her medical school class. It was then that she decided to specialize in the field of plastic surgery. She decided the field of plastic surgery was one that would allow her to help patients and practice her surgery skills at the same time. Dr. Walden went on to complete further training in New York City, gaining admission to a special program at a prestigious university in this part of the country.

Returning Home

After completing her residency, she spent eight years in New York. Ultimately, the doctor decided that returning home felt right to her. She gave birth to twin boys via fertility assistance and felt it would be best to raise them in her own hometown surrounded by loving family members and a place she knew well. Since coming back to the Austin area, the doctor has become a vital part of the area, helping many patients in the region get access to her skills and providing many patients with information about the ways that plastic surgery can help their life in some way. Many patients are grateful to have her in their lives helping them feel better.


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