Makari: Skincare for People of Color

Makari de Suisse is an exceptional line of products for all people of color. Makari skincare, haircare, and cosmetic lines cater to the specific needs of this ethnic group. Their products contain top of the line natural oil blends such as such as argan and carrot, as well as luxurious ingredients like caviar. All Makari products are made in Switzerland, a country known for its innovations in skincare.

Makari products are now available in many local beauty shops all over the world. They also have stand alone storefronts in Brussels, New York City and Paris. The Makari Line features over 60 different products. Everything from skincare, baby care, body care, haircare, and cosmetics are included in their brand. There are also a variety of scents available.

Makari line of skin lightening creams help to achieve perfectly even skin tone. These products are formulated to lighten the appearance of dark spots from stretch marks, acne, and liver spots . Makari’s line of lightening toners, creams, and exfoliators really intensify and expedite the journey to a more even skin tone. The has both face and body products to allow for a customized experience for where ever you need to even out your skin tone.

The Caviar cream, a very popular product, helps to hydrate your skin while also evening out the texture and tone of your skin. The Beauty Lightening Milk is a luxurious body product that tones and clarifies the skin. The exfoliating products sluff off dead skin and dark marks to reveal lighter, brighter, and smoother skin.

Carrot Oil, which is in many Makari products, is known for combating hyperpigmentation. This is what causes marks such as acne to be a different color than the rest of your skin. Argan and Almond oils help to hydrate the skin. This promotes the skin to heal dark spots quicker and prevent any further damage to the skin. Caviar helps to diminish dark spots, dullness and discoloration. All of these natural ingredients found in Makari products are why this brand is one of the best on the market.

Makari also truly cares about the customers that use their products. All of their products are free of Hydroquinone, a potentially harmful ingredient with many known side effects. Makari prides itself on using only the best natural and effective ingredients in their products. Follow Makari on Social Media to learn more:

Venezuela’s Weak Economic Outlook

Dateas recently posted an article on the crisis going on in Venezuela right now. For starters, Venezuela now has the highest rate of inflation in the world at 180 percent. Even though the country is rich in oil and other natural resources, it cannot seem to get a hand on its economic situation in order to stave off constant turmoil.
According to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, one of the reasons that Venezuela has had serious economic trouble in recent months is the low prices of oil. Because oil makes up about 95 percent of the export revenues for the country, Venezuela’s bank has been hurt badly by falling prices in oil. Venezuela has failed to diversify its economy and continues to depend on its oil reserves as its primary form of financing. This will continue to be problematic for Venezuela beyond its current humanitarian crisis.

In addition, the price controls set by former President Hugo Chavez have been extremely detrimental for the country’s economic stability. While the price controls were intended to make necessary goods more available and affordable to the people, they have made many businesses suffer massive losses of profit. Because it was too expensive for businesses to produce things at home, Venezuela was forced to rely even more on imports of essential goods.

The economic picture continues to look bleak for Venezuela. The government does not seem willing to compromise on any policies.

Hair: Its Importance to Beauty

Hair is very important to beauty, especially for women. For a lot of women, hair can’t grow quickly enough. Fortunately, there are ways to actually influence the growth of hair. This is by brushing the hair. Brushing hair actually stimulates the scalp and causes it to grow even more hair. When a scalp is healthy, not only will more hair grow, but the person will also avoid certain scalp conditions that will cause even greater problems down the line. However, it is important for one to find the right brush in order to use for her hair. Otherwise, she may cause damage to her hair.

In order to find the right brush for hair, one may need to look to a beauty fury. Wengie is one guru who is very experienced in bringing out the best look as well as keeping her hair healthy and free of damages. She knows the right formulas to use on her hair and is willing to share it with people so that they can not only experience healthier hair, but they can also learn how to manage it at any length. She knows the right brush will fix the hair, but it will also encourage growth.

Wengie is also someone who is good about styling her hair. She knows the right type of conditioner to use in order to strengthen her hair and help get it to look the way she wants it to. She also knows how to use the right hair dye for her hair so that she can bring about the color she wants without causing any undue damage to her hair. She is also willing to share that information with others. Her artistic and elegant style has inspired and captured the imagination of others. Wengie is definitely worth looking to for inspiration on beauty and style.

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Dr Walden RecapJennifer Walden Comes Back To Her Roots

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the nation’s most respected surgeons. The good doctor has come back to Austin, Texas where she grew up. In an article for Austin, MD, Magazine Dr. Walden talks about her life growing up Texas and her current career as one of the area’s most respected surgeons. She is native of this region. Her parents both opted for medical careers, setting a role model for her to follow into the world of medicine. She is one of five kids, all of whom have also gone on to careers that help make their parents proud of them.

Her Own Training

Dr. Walden earned her college undergraduate degree right here in Texas. She did very well as an undergraduate. After applying to medical school, she was initially wait listed. Ultimately admitted, she was determined to prove that she belonged in the school by devoting her time to academics. She proved to be an able student, graduating second in her medical school class. It was then that she decided to specialize in the field of plastic surgery. She decided the field of plastic surgery was one that would allow her to help patients and practice her surgery skills at the same time. Dr. Walden went on to complete further training in New York City, gaining admission to a special program at a prestigious university in this part of the country.

Returning Home

After completing her residency, she spent eight years in New York. Ultimately, the doctor decided that returning home felt right to her. She gave birth to twin boys via fertility assistance and felt it would be best to raise them in her own hometown surrounded by loving family members and a place she knew well. Since coming back to the Austin area, the doctor has become a vital part of the area, helping many patients in the region get access to her skills and providing many patients with information about the ways that plastic surgery can help their life in some way. Many patients are grateful to have her in their lives helping them feel better.


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Lime Crime Rocks Instagram

Lime Crime has pretty much dominated the Instagram scene, as reported by PR Newswire. The cutting-edge makeup company recently reached the mark of more than 2 million followers on Instagram. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that Lime Crime has not been around for decades and is considered almost an overnight sensation by experts in the beauty industry. It is almost common sense why Lime Crime has been so successful in accumulating a massive customer following on the Internet. Unlike some of its competitors in the beauty industry, Lime Crime actually interacts with its followers and genuinely wants to hear what they have to say. While this may not seem like a novel concept, most other cosmetic companies today use Instagram and Facebook as ways to simply push their new products on customers and try to drive up sales by bombarding them with commercial posts. Lime Crime never considered itself much of a competitor anyway, especially since the company is based on the principle of standing out in a crowd based on your own individuality. Lime Crime continues to have phenomenal success just by doing its own thing and not paying attention to what other companies think they need to do to increase sales and target new customers.

Doe Deere is the founder and creative mastermind behind Lime Crime‘s amazing success. Before founding Lime Crime, Deere was very involved in the fashion industry and made her own success by designing and selling unique clothes online. One look at Deere’s designs and you will instantly understand why she is able to stand out is a sea of sameness. She is certainly not afraid to use bright, intense color along with funky, fresh patterns to express herself and just have fun with putting on an outfit, all of which is highlighted on her blog

For Deere, makeup has always just been another way to express her awesome personality. She does not think that women need to hide behind layers of makeup to conceal things on their face. She would rather women enjoy the process of picking out and putting on makeup when they feel like having fun with it.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics Surpasses Two Million Instagram Followers


As we all know, Instagram is the place to be. And in May 2016 Lime Crime Cosmetics proved that by surpassing two million followers.

Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, is a pioneer when it comes to how cosmetics are being sold. Instead of showing colors on a blank piece of paper like most cosmetic companies do, she introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch that shows real colors on real lips.

Needless to say Deere is an internet savvy CEO. She’s creative and knows how to create unique and engaging content her audience will love. According to Deere, Instagram is yet another way for Lime Crime to continue to innovate in the world of ecommerce. She said the goal is to create the best possible interactive shopping experience for those who love makeup.

While most makeup companies use their Instagram account to constantly push new products, Lime Crime uses their account to create a fun and engaging community for their customers and fans. This is what separates them from the crowd.

If you visit the Lime Crime Instagram page you will see many of their posts are of fans who are wearing the products. Most of them use the hashtag #limecrime which helps draw even more attention to the brand.

Lime Crime is known as a cruelty free cosmetic brand. This basically means they don’t use animals to create nor test their products. By sharing a wide variety of looks on their Instagram page, Lime Crime hopes to inspire makeup lovers all over the world to be fearless and wear whatever makes them happy.

Lime Crime fans and customers are affectionately known as unicorns. Deere was quoted as saying, “We are always amazed by the looks our unicorns create with our products, and we love showcasing them.”

Photos of Instagram followers are also showcased on the Lime Crime website. This allows other fans to see how the products look in real life situations.

Deere believes its important for customers to get an idea of how certain products will look on them and Instagram is what makes this possible.

If you are a makeup lover and want daily tips and insight on all things makeup, be sure to follow the Lime Crime Instagram page @LimeCrimeMakeup.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in the big apple. She is a self proclaimed unicorn and doesn’t believe in following the rules. In 2008 she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics with the goal of showing the world cosmetics can do more than just cover up imperfections.

In her opinion, beauty isn’t about what “looks best”. Instead she believes its about what feels right to you in the moment. To learn more about Deere and Lime Crime visit

Laidlaw & Company Provides The Best Brokerage Service

Laidlaw & Company is going to help people make sure that they get the best brokerage services, and it is even more important for these clients to ask about what they need specifically. Their time with brokers on wsj at Laidlaw & Company will be very illuminating, and the brokers will tell their clients what must be done to reach their goals. Everyone has different goals, and they all need to make sure that they ask brokers at Laidlaw & Company for help on every investment.

Brokers at Laidlaw & Company are going to help their clients with basic stock investments, or they can use capital markets or wealth management to get the help they need. Clients all have a goal in mind when they call on Laidlaw & Company, and it is important for these people to be sure that they can ask questions when they really need answers. The answers that people get are going to help them learn how to make more money on their investments, and they can call back to Laidlaw & Company any time they need more help.

There are many people who want to be sure that they are making a lot of money on their investments on, and they can trust that Laidlaw & Company will help help make huge profits. There are great ways for all these people to make money, and they can ask their brokers what they think the best course of action is. Brokers at Laidlaw & Company have access to all the investment opportunities that someone could want, and they will offer reports on their investments at any time. This is something that people need to try when they are ready to start investing on brokercheck.finra their money in small or very large increments. Laidlaw & Company manages everyone’s money with profits in mind.

Fabletics Nails Athleisure Trend

Athleisure is such a big deal right now in the fashion world that Vogue decided to publish five fashion rules for women looking to embrace the growing athleisure fashion trend. For people looking to skate the line between professional wear and workout clothes that you could wear to the gym, Vogue says that the key is not to take the trend too far. Walking into a restaurant in a shorts bra and spandex crop leggings is probably never going to be a good take on this popular fashion trend. Rather, pairing a duster with chic leggings and sporty sneakers is probably a much better option for anyone in that situation. In addition, Vogue advises readers that it is best to stick with neutral colors if you are trying to go for a chic version of the popular athleisure fashion trend. This means black is probably the safest choice for bottoms as opposed to a brightly colored spandex print. Another key to making the athleisure trend work for you, according to Vogue’s rules, is to stay current with seasonal trends to know when it is acceptable to wear mesh inserts or bright colors in prints.
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The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

With the outfit offerings available through Fabletics, anyone can follow Vogue’s rules for athleisure wear success. Because Fabletics changes out styles at least once a month, whatever you select is sure to be on point and trendy right now. Fabletics also makes its outfits built to last with top-quality construction, rather than using cheap materials and shortcuts. While you would think that this would make their outfits way too expensive when compared to other fitness fashion retailers, the opposite is actually true. Fabletics remains an extremely affordable athleisure fashion option, despite the fact that the company has grown so quickly and is in such high demand right now.

All over the country, customers are loving Fabletics and are eager to leave positive reviews about their happy shopping experiences with the online fitness fashion retailer. With reliable shipping, low prices, huge stock and trendy options, it is really hard to go wrong with shopping at Fabletics for your next find.

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Beneful Listens To Customers With A Change In Recipe

The Beneful brand from Nestle PurinaStore has grown from its launch in 2001 to become one of the world’s largest pet foods loved by pet parents and animals alike. The Huffington Post reveals the brand has been through some trying times since early 2015 when a class action lawsuit was brought against the company, which has since gone through many changes and lost around one third of the number of people joining the case; Beneful has made it clear the toxins included in the lawsuit have not been present in its pet foods and have been confused with those with similar names.
The Beneful brand continues to see a high level of success and a loyal customer base on Wal-Mart that has largely stayed with the pet food producer despite the issues seen with the lawsuit. The employees of the company are quick to jump to its defense and explain the high level of quality controls that take place on a regular basis over the course of a 24 hour manufacturing day. Any problems that have been discovered with single lines of pet foods have resulted in a voluntary recall being undertaken, which was the case with wet dog foods voluntary recall of March 2016. The wet food recall was not based upon any dangers, but the first recall in Beneful history was based on research showing the level of vitamins in a single line of 10 oz wet foods did not reach the level required by the company.

In response to the Amazon customer feedback the Beneful brand has undergone something of a makeover that includes a change in recipe for the dry foods, and a planned review of wet food recipes. The first changes have already been completed and a customer based test with volunteers undertaken that resulted in pet parents revealing their dogs enjoyed the foods produced, and these new recipes do not require any further testing from government agencies. The planned changes Beneful is introducing will result in this being the lowest priced pet food brand with real meat included as the first and main ingredient. For additional info, visit