Slyce Offers Shoes For Every Walk Of Life Thanks To Shoe Carnival

Where do you go for your shoes? Do you actually go to the store and stand in long lines to purchase new shoes? The sales people at shopping malls are always getting on my nerves, and I know most of you share this feeling as well. There is an easier alternative than going to shopping malls and retailers for your shoes, of course. That alternative is online shopping, but it can be tricky to find exactly what you want from online retailers because the keywords that are required to conduct searches are so specific. Then, when you find your product, it is not always what you are looking for. Luckily, there is a new way to shop online. It’s called visual search recognition, and it is brought to you by Slyce.

Slyce’s Creative Way To Shop Online

Slyce is not the only visual search platform on the market. However, they are the most popular, and they have the best relationships with major retailers. These relationships that Slyce has been building with major retailers are what makes conducting visual searches with their platform so much better than any of their competitors. Slyce has relationships, contracts and agreements to offer a wide variety of retail products. They have been building relationships with Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Tilly’s and several other major retailers. One of their latest and greatest additions to their online retail offering is their relationship with Shoe Carnival.

Shoes For Every Walk Of Life

Shoe Carnival has 400 stores across the United States, and they offer a wide variety of shoe styles for different occasions. They are the one stop shop for your whole family. Now, you can find Shoe Carnival’s full catalogue of offerings on your smart phone, so you won’t even have to leave your home to get the shoes that you want to buy. There was an interesting article that covers the exact details surrounding this partnership. The article was written by Marketwired, and it can be found on NASDAQ’s website.

With all of these new relationships with major retailers, Slyce is growing like never before. They are growing in popularity among consumers because the application is easy to us. Slyce is also growing in popularity among retailers because they are offering an easier way to sell products to consumers.