HRF Founder Reveals to FOX News Support Behind Bernie

Thor Halvorssen takes the issue of basic human rights as a very serious matter, and he has good reason to, being the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation. On a philosophical level, Halvorssen admits that when socialism is abused by those in power and the people denied their freedoms, then this is unacceptable. On the other hand, democratic socialism can perform effectively as he explained to FOX News’ Trish Regan during The Intelligence Report.

Halvorssen ( revealed to Regan during the brief interview that he had thrown his support behind the so-called Socialist Senator himself, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Thor Halvorssen also made the largest contribution allowable to the Sanders campaign, suggesting that he could not support either of the two party’s front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in good conscience, because of their cozy acquaintances with global dictators.

“The democratic front-runner right now, unfortunately is someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, countries that execute people for being gay, countries that restrict all press freedoms, countries that in some cases, ban Christmas. I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the democratic front-runner than a person who takes money from dictatorships, unquestionably. At the same time on the republican side, you have the front-runner who believes that Putin is fine.”

Halvorssen strongly emphasizes that democratic socialism can exist if there is a rule of law present, support for political democracy and regulation of a capitalist economy. The trouble develops when the executive in power decides to take control of everything, wiping away the basic tenets that belong to a democratic socialist environment. Halvorssen contends that a dictatorship is a much bigger problem when you compare the two forms of governing.

The Human Rights Foundation was incorporated in 2005, and opened its offices in New York in August of 2006. Halvorssen is also founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with other new and appearances