She Used WEN By Chaz On Her Hair! Check Out Her Results!

Most of us have seen the infomericals on QVC for the highly regarded celebrity endorsed hair care line, WEN hair. The miracle cleansing conditioner that can turn any type of hair into beautiful bouncy locks. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been tempted to order because that Alyssa Milano sure does have some incredibly gorgeous hair. If you’re like me, you’ve always hesitated because it all just seemed too good to be true. Throwing out shampoo is just unfathomable to most of us, we’ve used it literally since the day we were born. The truth is that shampoo is really harsh on our hair, ever try shapooing without using conditioner afterwords? Yikes! The goal of WEN by Chaz according to a different review made by is to preserve the natural oils of your hair and scalp that shapooing strips away. So, how exactly does this sensational elixir work?
A beauty blogger has finally done an in-depth review of WEN by Chaz, taking us through an entire week of the process. She used the cleansing conditioner for seven days straight and published her results at She walks us through each step and phase, Emily McClure used the product on her fine hair, and the results were, well, see then for yourself!  Visit to learn more about Wen hair.

Slyce Offers Shoes For Every Walk Of Life Thanks To Shoe Carnival

Where do you go for your shoes? Do you actually go to the store and stand in long lines to purchase new shoes? The sales people at shopping malls are always getting on my nerves, and I know most of you share this feeling as well. There is an easier alternative than going to shopping malls and retailers for your shoes, of course. That alternative is online shopping, but it can be tricky to find exactly what you want from online retailers because the keywords that are required to conduct searches are so specific. Then, when you find your product, it is not always what you are looking for. Luckily, there is a new way to shop online. It’s called visual search recognition, and it is brought to you by Slyce.

Slyce’s Creative Way To Shop Online

Slyce is not the only visual search platform on the market. However, they are the most popular, and they have the best relationships with major retailers. These relationships that Slyce has been building with major retailers are what makes conducting visual searches with their platform so much better than any of their competitors. Slyce has relationships, contracts and agreements to offer a wide variety of retail products. They have been building relationships with Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Tilly’s and several other major retailers. One of their latest and greatest additions to their online retail offering is their relationship with Shoe Carnival.

Shoes For Every Walk Of Life

Shoe Carnival has 400 stores across the United States, and they offer a wide variety of shoe styles for different occasions. They are the one stop shop for your whole family. Now, you can find Shoe Carnival’s full catalogue of offerings on your smart phone, so you won’t even have to leave your home to get the shoes that you want to buy. There was an interesting article that covers the exact details surrounding this partnership. The article was written by Marketwired, and it can be found on NASDAQ’s website.

With all of these new relationships with major retailers, Slyce is growing like never before. They are growing in popularity among consumers because the application is easy to us. Slyce is also growing in popularity among retailers because they are offering an easier way to sell products to consumers.

HRF Founder Reveals to FOX News Support Behind Bernie

Thor Halvorssen takes the issue of basic human rights as a very serious matter, and he has good reason to, being the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation. On a philosophical level, Halvorssen admits that when socialism is abused by those in power and the people denied their freedoms, then this is unacceptable. On the other hand, democratic socialism can perform effectively as he explained to FOX News’ Trish Regan during The Intelligence Report.

Halvorssen ( revealed to Regan during the brief interview that he had thrown his support behind the so-called Socialist Senator himself, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Thor Halvorssen also made the largest contribution allowable to the Sanders campaign, suggesting that he could not support either of the two party’s front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in good conscience, because of their cozy acquaintances with global dictators.

“The democratic front-runner right now, unfortunately is someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, countries that execute people for being gay, countries that restrict all press freedoms, countries that in some cases, ban Christmas. I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the democratic front-runner than a person who takes money from dictatorships, unquestionably. At the same time on the republican side, you have the front-runner who believes that Putin is fine.”

Halvorssen strongly emphasizes that democratic socialism can exist if there is a rule of law present, support for political democracy and regulation of a capitalist economy. The trouble develops when the executive in power decides to take control of everything, wiping away the basic tenets that belong to a democratic socialist environment. Halvorssen contends that a dictatorship is a much bigger problem when you compare the two forms of governing.

The Human Rights Foundation was incorporated in 2005, and opened its offices in New York in August of 2006. Halvorssen is also founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with other new and appearances

Real Estate Guru William Skelley Joins Prestigious Industry Association

The world of American business is probably more exciting and dynamic in 2016 than it has ever been. The confluence of technological advancements and social media has created opportunities for young and capable business people to rise to the forefront by spreading new ideas. In the world of media, companies like Buzzfeed led by tech enthusiast Jonah Peretti have transformed the ways that modern media companies build their audiences, approach journalism and create diverse and dynamic work environments.

In the world of real estate, financial services professional William Skelley has changed the way that the investment community understands and approaches real estate investment. According to business website Crowdfund Insider Skelley was recently recognized for his contributions to the world of real estate by a prestigious organization. Skelley was invited to be a member of an exclusive association known as the Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders. The organization receives members on an invite-only basis. Crowdfunding Insider reports that the Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders is run by real estate aficionado Michael Stoler.

Stoler is not only the founder of the organization that inducted Skelley into its ranks. He also holds two other high profile positions the real estate world. He holds the title of Managing Director at New York real estate investment firm Madison Realty Capital. He also works as a business television personality through his work hosting the long-running television program The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report. The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report has been on the air for 15 seasons.

Skelley’s work with the company he founded, iFunding, has set him apart as one of the most innovative business minds in American real estate today. According to, Skelley developed the concept of what is known as accredited crowdfunding. Accredited crowdfunding refers to crowdfunding ventures that enable accredited investors to use crowdfunding mechanisms to combine their resources to support projects that require large investments. His company iFunding acts as a social platform that enables real estate investors to do this. As a result investors with access to varying levels of capital have been able to participate in large investment opportunities. Skelley has an extensive background as an entrepreneur and businessman. He founded and ran a firm known as Pallas Global, worked at Bain Capital and consulted for General Electric Healthcare.

Upon his induction into the organization Skelley joined other skilled real estate professionals that hail from well-known real estate companies like Bank of America, Kushner Companies and Cushman and Wakefield.

The Early Life and Investing Career of George Soros

Not many men have lived such an exciting life as George Soros has. George Soros is well known today at age 85 as one of the richest men in the world and also as one of the smartest investors and most giving philanthropists on Politifact. He is a billionaire that made his own way to the top.

Early Life

Born in Budapest, Hungary, George Soros is naturally of Eastern European descent. Soros was born on August 12th, 1930 and remained in Hungary for most of his early years. Today, he has retained his Hungarian citizenship, adding it to his American citizenship, which he obtained soon after arriving in the United States in the 1950s. With both citizenships, George Soros holds connections to his roots while actually living in the country where he gained wealth and fame.


George Soros on politico remained in Budapest, Hungary from 1930 when he was born until 1947. In 1947, he fled to London, England. There, he enrolled in the London School of Economics. Graduating in 1952, Soros then decided to take a job as an entry-level investment banker. He worked in London for approximately four years before deciding to go to the United States.

Life in the United States

Soros arrived in New York in 1956 and began working investment management positions in the city. His first place of employment was from 1956 to 1959 at the firm of F.M. Mayer. He also worked at Wertheim & Co. and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder on These jobs took him from 1956 to 1973. He was extremely good at his job and made a lot of money investment banking. But he decided to strike out on his own when he completed work in 1973 at Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder.

On His Own

Soros founded his own company in 1973. The company was called Soros Fund Management, but it later turned into Quantum Fund on Bloomberg, and that was how it was known through the 80s. Quantum Fund was very successful. Two times, the fund had yearly returns that exceeded 100 percent. But in the later years 1980s, George decided to change what he did, and he started focusing more on philanthropy. He founded Open Society Foundation.

Through Open Society Foundation, Soros has donated millions to causes he cares about. He has also become a large figure in political activism, commenting on the importance of America within international spheres of trade, currency, and securities.

His Life Today

At 85, George Soros is still going strong. Today, he is officially retired. He officially retired in 2000. Despite being directly out of the business, however, Soros still remains a strong identity in American and global finance. He has written several major publications on topics from general finance to global capitalism. These include “The Alchemy of Finance” in 1988 and “Open Society, Reforming Global Capitalism” in 2001. Soros continually donates to causes he cares about through his philanthropic outlets and is also still active in American and global politics. Soros is married to Tamiko Bolton and has 5 children.

US Money Reserve President Thinks US Penny Minting Might End

Canada stopped minting their pennies and is using polymer bills now. Will the United States follow suit by ending US penny minting? US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed the demise of the penny during a CNBC Squawk Box interview.

“Cost of Minting Penny Higher Than One Cent”

During the December 30, 2015 Ispot Tv interview, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl stated the simple fact: “Nobody uses the penny anymore.” Many pennies are strewn on the road or lost in seat cushions. Mr. Diehl suggested that the time spent picking up a penny is not economically worthwhile because it amounts to less than minimum wage.

As a Former US Mint Director, Mr. Diehl understands the cost of minting pennies. He estimated that $105 million could be saved annually with the elimination of the penny.

“Currency Changes Are Normal”

Mr. Diehl continued – only 25% of modern transactions use physical cash, the other 75% use electronic means. Wise currency reform is conducted a “step at a time.”

Doesn’t ending the penny cause inflation?

On February 4, 2013, Canada stopped minting pennies. Canadian businesses were forced to adjust all their prices to 5 cent increments. Mr. Diehl has argued that some companies might increase prices, others might decrease prices relating the US Reserve.

The most valuable currency reflects the needs of the public. The end of the penny is simply part of the process of finding money that is the most useful for any time period.

“Why has the United States been slow to replace the penny?”

Old habits are tough to change. Already, the US Mint has changed its process for creating pennies – the modern US penny is 97.5% zinc. The parties who mint the pennies naturally resist change.

The State of Illinois has also resisted since native son, Abraham Lincoln is on the cent. Plus, United States currency is used worldwide – it is tough to change such a ubiquitous currency quickly. Still, the days of the US penny may be numbered.

A Writer Tries WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Emily McClure of, a self-professed “hair fanatic”, was eager to try out WEN Hair. Having seen all the television commercials featuring beautiful women with gorgeous hair, she was genuinely curious as to how Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner would work on her fine hair. So she decided to try the product for seven days, using the cleansing conditioner every day for one full week.

Emily was excited to begin the experiment but a bit concerned that the cleansing conditioner would weigh her fine hair down, making it heavy and limp. Imagine her surprise when she noticed that her hair immediately felt thicker right away in the shower! She also saw no stray hairs on the shower floor, something she was used to seeing every time she washed her hair. The experiment was off to a great start. When she dried and styled her hair, it looked bouncy and shiny, and, most importantly to Emily, clean.

As the week progressed, Emily continued to use Wen hair every morning and proceeded to dry and style her hair with shiny, soft, voluminous results. By the sixth day, using WEN Hair by Chaz Dean every morning had become second nature, a normal part of her daily routine. When she went out for drinks with friends that evening, she got compliments out of the blue about how shiny her hair looked! It was a huge boost to her confidence. Day seven, the final day of the week long trial, was a super busy day for her, and she certainly did not want to have to worry about how her hair looked. She was able to rely on Wen to get the beautiful results she had become accustomed to.

At the conclusion of the experiment, Emily recommended WEN cleansing conditioner for people with fine hair who want fabulous results from their hair cleanser. She wrote that she will continue to use WEN.