Sergio Cortes Speaks About Flooding In Xerem

Heavy rains have created many kinds of problems for residents of one of Brazil’s regions. Torrential rains pounded several areas in the state and have caused many people to find themselves negatively impacted in some way. One of the hardest hit areas here been that of Xerem, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. This area of Brazil has experienced a great deal of rain in recent weeks, leading many residents to think about seeking shelter somewhere else as they find the homes overwhelmed by the rain. Officials in this state have done their best to rush to help residents make sure they have a place to go where they can get access to all kinds of necessary services including clean water.

Cortes is the State Health Secretary and thus someone on wikipedia who knows firsthand how to make sure that people’s needs are taken care in the event of an emergency of any kind. Cortes is a doctor who has been helping Brazilians of all backgrounds get access to healthcare. In his latest role as Health Minister, he aims to provide for the needs of those who have been greatly affected by the regional floods.

Cortes has been trying to help local communities cope with the problem here by getting involved in efforts to set up local area shelters. Such shelters can provide many kinds of important services for those who have been affected by the storm including a place to sleep and a place to get access to clean water. Each shelter can accommodate up to three hundred people in need at a time, allowing officials to help make sure people can get assistance.

Officials including Dr. Cortes are concerned about multiple issues such as the possibility of spreading diseases here as a result of the intense floods. They want to help decrease the potential spread of mosquito born diseases such as Dengue Fever and other problems in the region. This is why they have chosen to act swiftly to help as many people in Xerem as possible and avoid more potential problems that may exist as a result of such fierce rainstorms.

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