You Won’t Believe How Many Things This Dude Does At Once

Entrepreneurs of today are different from those in the past. Until recently, those who made their career in finances or business mainly stayed in their field, never venturing out too far, but becoming experts. This allowed them to be completely focused in their field.

But, entrepreneurs of today are making the most of their lifestyle, and they are reaching out into the community with their interests. Jon Urbana is one of these philanthropy activists who is becoming successful in everything he puts his hands to.

Jon Urbana is an economics major who graduated from Villanova University in 2005. Today, he is manager and leader of Eclipse USA, a high-tech laser and light company that has expanded to Europe and Australia under Jon’s leadership. He is a major part of moving the company forward.

But Ellipse is not the only career that Jon has. When he graduated from college, he had obtained his small plane pilot’s license, so he has been flying for over a decade. He became affiliated with the Federal Aviation Administration and now works creating new safety measures to ensure safe flying for all the pilots. Last year, he received an award from the FAA commending Jon on his work with the new pilots. Jon also finds this career very rewarding.

In recent years, Jon Urbana has turned his hobby of photography into a profitable venture. Jon likes to take photographs of his travels around the world especially the animals he encounters on safaris and in other countries. His animal pictures have been gaining attention, and Mr Urbana has begun taking them to auction for sale. He also displays them on social media including Facebook, Instagram and on his own personal blog on WordPress. Jon’s interest in photography is quickly becoming another success story for him.

One of Jon Urbana’s favorite ventures is the Next Level Lacrosse camp that he started for teens in Colorado. He designed these camps so the students could play Lacrosse, but they would also learn skills to help them when they go out into the business world. Jon was a professional Lacrosse player in college, so he coaches every year, and he provides scholarships for those who are eligible. He loves paying it forward

Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes Thinks Proving That The Zika Virus Causes Birth Defects Is Challenging

For weeks, The Zika virus has been one of the most talked about topics in the news. Unsettling photos of babies with microcephaly have been accompanied by stories about the ongoing spread of the Zika virus across the globe. Microcephaly is the birth defect that causes infant’s head to be abnormally small, and the brain may not be fully developed.

Several Latin American countries, but especially Brazil, have advised women to avoid pregnancy for the time being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that pregnant women stay away from countries that have an outbreak of the Zika virus. The fear that has been created by the media coverage overshadows one important fact, according to Brazil’s Ministry of Health’s top doctor Sergio Cortes: The Zika virus is suspected of causing microcephaly, but it has not yet been proven to cause microcephaly.

Dr. Cortes said there is a link between microcephaly and the Zika virus, and that link began to take shape in September last year. Pediatricians in Northeastern region of the country noticed an unusual number of babies with microcephaly. Those cases coincided with the outbreak of the Zika virus in the same region.

There are no tests for the Zika virus in the field, so the task force diagnosed the illness using the presence of symptoms. No blood work or any other tests were done, so the first impression of the doctors on the task force was to connect the Zika virus with microcephaly. Dr. Cortes posted an article on his official website that said first impressions can be deceiving, so more test must be done to prove the relationship scientifically.

But confirming the connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly will take time and a lot more research. Dr. Cortes thinks that research could take months, and possibly years before there is a definite confirmation. There is another theory about larvicide causing microcephaly, but once again, it’s only a theory, not a fact.

There is a lot more information about the Zika virus and microcephaly on the doctor’s LinkedIn page. Cortes also has a Facebook page filled with information about the health crisis. Dr. Cortes also welcomes tweets from followers.

George Soros: A Dim Future For The European Union

George Soros has been fighting to help individuals to create more open societies so that human beings in those societies have more rights. Soros attributes his desire to do this to his youth. Before Soros started the Open Society Foundations, before he had success with the international investment fund that he founded, before he went to the London School of Economics, Soros grew up in Hungary during the 1930s and 1940s. For Soros and his family, this meant living as Jews in a Nazi-occupied country and then surviving as individuals in a communist society.

Through his passion and hard work, Soros has been able to open the Open Society Foundation in over 100 countries, with an annual budget of 835 million dollars as of 2011. The goal of the foundation is to promote the values of more human rights, governmental transparency and a more open society. His foundation has caused him to be more critical of political decisions made and recently he has been concentrating his attention on the European Union.

The New York Book Review recently sat down with Soros for an interview to discuss his various views on the European Union and its current multitude of struggles. Soros is very honest about the possibility of the EU failing but he does say that the problems do have a solution, if only the right leaders would do the right things. In particular, Soros spends much of his time discussing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, what she has done and what she should do.

Soros discusses how Merkel understood how the migration crisis in Europe had the ability to put an end to the European Union. Soros went on to say how it could also strengthen the European Union and bring the nations and their people back together. He believes that the German people are the ones who will decide which way the coin will fall.

Soros explained this conclusion by saying that Merkel is currently the leader of not only Germany, but also the entire European Union. However, her position is being challenged by other nationalist leaders in Europe. If the German people get behind Merkel and her policies on immigration and letting in refugees, she will remain at the head of the European Union and it has a chance of success. But if the German people do not get behind their Chancellor, her power will not only disappear but the entire European Union and its values as an open society will also disappear. Soros explained that the Germans must decide whether they want to lead Europe and accept the risks and benefits that come along with that position.

Stars Shine Brightly Again in Queens of Drama

The newer sitcoms and drama series events premiering on television this year show a propensity for resurrections. There are the zombie fare, the SciFi super duper natural storylines, and now we have the Queens of Dramas taking our frame of focus. This is not to be confused with the Queens of the Dark or Queen of the Cobra. Queens of Drama bring the loveliest and most desirable ladies of the 1990s screen (or further) into our homes for a refreshing romantic drama tale involving the group effort trying to get a new pilot television project sold for syndication. The collaborated efforts include actress and producer Donna Millls, a prime time tv icon, and Crystal Hunt, who has experience both in front and behind the camera.

About Crystal Hunt – TV to Film to Film TV
Crystal Hunt enjoyed her first true success as actress in a small teen part in Guiding Light. From that small part she moved to a larger more significant role on the same show, and over the subsequent years gained a fan base and professional mettle in acting long tenure roles on other soap series. She received Daytime Emmy nominations from at least two of her starring soaps, including Guiding Light.

When films opened inviting
doors and windows, Crystal dove in and made her name now echo through both tv and film award committees. Crystal took home her share of awards for daytime drama acting and garnered a competitive co-starring movie role opposite Zac Efron in Derby Stallion as Crunchbase shows.

Today her Instagram feed shows she continues to make films for silver screen and tv, and has recently finished 2015 production of a Hitchcock themed thriller based on true crime slated for release later this year.  Not to mention Crystal Hunt’s role on Magic Mike XXL.

Hidden Talents Among the Queens of Drama
The prospective pilot series, Queens of Drama, would showcase each of yesterday’s soap opera icons and silver screen hot tamales separately and as an entourage, and would be written, directed and produced by those in the entourage who have sharpened their direction or production chops in other projects.
Most production angst will be borne by:
9 episodes: Jessica Altman Da Rocha producer / field producer)
9 episodes: Carrie Vandiver supervising story producer
8 episodes: John Carlo Zenone supervising producer
7 episodes: Tim Laurie executive producer
7 episodes: Erika Wadler producer
4 episodes: Brian Dale producer

Queens of Drama New Season Begins April 16, 2016.
Everyone with regard for the romantic and beautiful ladies of yesterday’s tv and silver screen must absolutely mark their calendars for opportunity to see the most lauded icons of romance and drama flaunt their beautiful skills in the new Queens of Drama series.

Drama Lends to Comedy
The talents and abilities of the screen sirens still blasts loudly and clearly, and one line has already gone into the memorable vaults: Donna Mills is encouraged to participate in launching of the new series with an example of a scene in which she appears as “ugly”. Without a breath, Donna Mills replied, “I don’t do ugly.”
And indeed, she does not.

The Dating Services of Skout

There are several different high profile dating applications out on the market today. These different dating apps have made it easier to interact with people from around the world. It also is becoming a growing trend throughout the world as well. A recent survey indicates that three out of four people do have friends they have met online. Most of these friends have remained online as 60 percent have never actually met one another. This does not mean the people do not want to connect with one another though. In fact, many have indicated they do want to connect with one another and that they would like to do whatever they can to meet these people and to spend time with one another.

So how is it that a dating service like Skout is able to help individuals meet one another? With the aid of the built in GPS feature on a mobile phone, people are able to find other individuals online through the mobile device in the area. Of course, it is not always necessary to simply stick with the GPS feeding of who is in the area. There are going to be some people who would like to interact with others from around the world or in different areas of the country. Perhaps they are just curious to see who is out there or they will be visiting the area in the given future and would like to have some sort of a friend dating there.  It is a dating application that is more than just connecting local individuals together. It wants to connect the world together, which is exactly why it does all of this and why it goes to such great lengths to help people from all around the world find friendship and true love.

With more and more people turning to the world of the Internet and mobile phones in order to find new love and friends, the percentage of people finding these connections is only going to grow. Yes, currently 75 percent of people have used a mobile phone application in order to make a friend online, although this number is only going to go higher and higher as the technology makes it easier.

Sergio Cortes Speaks About Flooding In Xerem

Heavy rains have created many kinds of problems for residents of one of Brazil’s regions. Torrential rains pounded several areas in the state and have caused many people to find themselves negatively impacted in some way. One of the hardest hit areas here been that of Xerem, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. This area of Brazil has experienced a great deal of rain in recent weeks, leading many residents to think about seeking shelter somewhere else as they find the homes overwhelmed by the rain. Officials in this state have done their best to rush to help residents make sure they have a place to go where they can get access to all kinds of necessary services including clean water.

Cortes is the State Health Secretary and thus someone on wikipedia who knows firsthand how to make sure that people’s needs are taken care in the event of an emergency of any kind. Cortes is a doctor who has been helping Brazilians of all backgrounds get access to healthcare. In his latest role as Health Minister, he aims to provide for the needs of those who have been greatly affected by the regional floods.

Cortes has been trying to help local communities cope with the problem here by getting involved in efforts to set up local area shelters. Such shelters can provide many kinds of important services for those who have been affected by the storm including a place to sleep and a place to get access to clean water. Each shelter can accommodate up to three hundred people in need at a time, allowing officials to help make sure people can get assistance.

Officials including Dr. Cortes are concerned about multiple issues such as the possibility of spreading diseases here as a result of the intense floods. They want to help decrease the potential spread of mosquito born diseases such as Dengue Fever and other problems in the region. This is why they have chosen to act swiftly to help as many people in Xerem as possible and avoid more potential problems that may exist as a result of such fierce rainstorms.

To learn more about such efforts, follow Cortes on LinkedIn and Twitter.