Doe Deere Says Fashion Rules Are Mere Suggestion

While fashion may be seen by some as an exclusive club full of rules, high end designers, sensible styles and appropriate accessories, there are plenty who disagree. Bustle published an article featuring the opinions and input of fashion guru, Doe Deere. Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime Makeup and is known for her colorful and flamboyant style. She had no problem agreeing that most fashion rules are meant to be broken.

Fashion guidelines might be helpful for some, but it is important to remember that all of those rules are simply suggestions, not law. The point of fashion and cosmetics is not just to conceal flaws. Makeup, hair, clothing and accessories can all be a part of how a person expresses their self image. All components of the fashion industry are suppose to raise the self esteem of the person participating, not make them feel self conscious about stepping over the line of what some see as “appropriate” or “fashionable”. Deere’s fashion sensibilities range from anything colorful,loud and bold to demure subtlety with highlights.

Some of the rules that they discuss in the article include “don’t mix too many patterns” and “don’t wear socks with open toed shoes”. While these might be helpful to those who are just beginning to get into fashion or to those who are trying to improve the way they dress socially, these guidelines are exactly that- guidelines. They are a good place to start out, but easily strayed from without consequence. If there is a patterned shirt that would go perfectly with houndstooth pants, why not throw them together and see how it works out? If there are an adorable pair of socks that would look cute with a pair of open-toed wedges, why not wear them together?

The article also covered several different makeup guidelines. One of the guidelines mentioned was that bold eye color and bold lip color should not be mixed. Many people feel that it should be either bold eye color or bold lip color, but certainly not Doe Deere. Known for her colorful style, this fashionista has no problem at all going bold all the way. Mood and outfit can have a tremendous say in makeup preferences. So while cosmetic guidelines might be helpful in the initial stages of learning makeup, this is another area that Deere feels rules are meant to be broken.

The Bustle article may have covered an array of do’s and don’t’s for the fashion and makeup community, they were able to provide a second perspective. Through various examples, Deere has helped to prove that fashion is an individual choice that no one has the right to dictate. We can certainly learn from the fashionista’s before us, but Doe Deere’s indifferent and delightfully nonchalant attitude toward the rules that she breaks shows precisely how much she truly cares about them.

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