The Trial of Oscar Pistorius Shocked the World

The trial of Oscar Pistorius was compelling and captured the attention of the world press. The story of the trial told how Oscar Pistorius shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp. Oscar Pistorius was a “rock star” for athletes with disabilities. He participated in multiple Paralympic Games and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Reeva Steenkamp was a gorgeous model and Pistorius’ girlfriend. Pistorius shot Steenkamp through a locked bathroom door where she had taken refuge. Pistorius fire 4 shots through the bathroom door and killed Steenkamp.

During the trial, Pistorius claimed that he thought that he was shooting an intruder. While he admitted to murdering Pistorius, he claimed that the murder was based on the belief that he was defending himself, and that he did not intend to act unlawful.

Brenda Wardle is a prominent attorney from South Africa who has defended high profile cases. Her education is stellar and includes three law degrees. Her areas of expertise span many significant areas of criminal law such as Criminal Justice Administration, Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights and Forensic Medicine, Medical Law, Media Law, Legal Principles of Crimes, and Delicts of the Internet.

She has also penned and published extensively including articles on: Section 100 Interventions by national departments in provinces, on presidential pardons, security clearances prior to the appointment of the National Director Public Prosecutions, Business Day on the State’s case against the current President, Times article on the murder of Eugene Terreblanche, irregularities in the cancellation of parole such as Waterkloof, and the Saturday Star interview concerning medical parole in the case of Eugene De Kock.

Ms. Wardle Esq. was interview by the BBC. Her role is to be a legal analyst in the Pistorius case. According to Ms. Wardle Esq., the world has the opportunity to see how justice unfolds in South Africa. Ms. Wardle Esq. considers this trial of Pistorius to be one of the most important. Pistorius is being tried in the highest court of the nation, the Supreme Court of Appeal. Ms. Wardle Esq. stated that it has been difficult hearing about the event of St. Valentine Day when Pistorius shot through the bathroom door and caused the death of Reeva Steenkamp, and then the long and grueling trial.

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Investors Now Have A Shot At Safety And Bigger Returns

In the world of investors there are just two main investor types. They are either an accredited investor or an unaccredited investor. The differences between the two classifications can be substantial along with the availability of suitable investments. Accredited investors are normally a high net worth individual making over $200,000.00 a year, or a large corporation, or some other institution. These accredited investors are always assumed by the traders to have the financial sophistication to understand the extra exposure associated with certain types of market offerings. These other market offerings include venture capital funds, hedge funds, and master limited partnerships. In the U.S., the SEC has firm guidelines on determining who can be an accredited investor and who cannot. These guidelines were developed under the Securities Act of 1933 mainly to protect the general public from unwittingly losing all of their money to a risky investment. However, in the eyes of many investors, this lack of access has been a major point of contention. This attitude all seemed to change when the Forefront Income Trust was rolled out.

The Forefront Income Trust was introduced in 2014 by Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Wikipedia shows that Brad’s financial career began in the 1980s when he started the Reifler Trading Company. This firm initially managed hundreds of millions of dollars of discretionary accounts but it didn’t stop there. He eventually encompassed not only client management services but also institutional research and advisory services for global derivatives. As a consequence of its growth, Forefront Income Trust became a very large independent futures company and in 2000 Reifler sold Forefront Income Trust to the largest futures company in the world at the time, Refco Inc.

The intervening years have been very good to Reifler, and he talks about it on Twitter as his rise as an equities market master has been well accepted. In 2014 his career took another giant leap when he announced the creation of The Forefront Income Trust. The focus of this new venture was catering to the non accredited investor, what many people generally refer to as the 99%. Reifler went in this direction because of the perceived need to have additional options for higher returns for the non accredited investor.

What is most different about his new fund is its fee structure. The trust initially charges absolutely no management fee at all. In fact, it will not charge its clients anything until the investor makes a return of at least 8% on his investment.

Doe Deere Reminds Us Which Beauty Rules We Can Break

Fashion is an ongoing process of personal discovery. Over the years, many people have come to realize that part of this process is learning how to break fashion rules and become more adept at creating a look that is theirs and theirs alone. Someone who has done much to help show how it is possible to help us to discard such long-standing fashion rules is fashion expert and business entrepreneur Doe Deere. In an article in Bustle Deere reminds us that fashion, like many other kinds of artistic expression, is an art that has rules that can be broken.

For example, we are often told that we should not wear a bold eye while wearing a bold lip at the same time. Doe Deere reminds us that this fashion rule does not need to apply in all circumstances. Another common fashion rule that Deere likes to break is the rule that we shouldn’t wear too many colors at the same time. As Deere has helped demonstrate, this rule need not apply when considering one’s personal fashion style. Fashion experts have also told us not to wear too many patterns at once.

As a fashion expert, Deere is also a customer. She loves to buy hose and patterned tights and then wear them with open toed shoes. She tells readers in the Bustle article that they can also use this technique to great effect when they are planning an outfit. Her work on her cosmetics site, Lime Crime, has many great pictures showing how tights can be mixed with open toed shoes and still look really great. Another alleged rule that she has shown can easily be broken is the rule that you only wear neutrals if you choose to color your hair brightly. As she has demonstrated on her site, it is easily possible to have a great look with lots of color even if you have picked out a bright and vibrant hair color.

Deere also talks about other kinds of fashion rules that have been set up over the years and then been repeatedly broken. One such rule is the notion that you have to look your age and dress for it. Her playful fashion sense has helped to show this rule can and perhaps should be discarded. The pictures she posts on her site of her own timeless and ageless fashion style are pictures that show off stylists such as Betsy Johnson who have embraced such ideas rather than more hard and fast rules. Deere also helps remind us that in today’s age, you can wear what you like no matter where you are in many cases. She likes to shop in her collection of fashion gowns rather than choosing to save them for a special occasion such as a fancy ball.

Protect Your Brand Online When It Comes Down To Social Media

If you have a great job and you work with wonderful people in your business, you’ll find that it gets harder to maintain your professionalism for the long haul. It’s vital that you understand the fact that your social media usage can really ruin your brand and put your name in the wrong place.

Protect Your Brand Online When It Comes Down To Social Media

– Avoid Using Facebook to Vent

Using Facebook to share updates on your life and your business is completely fine, as long as it is properly written and showcases yourself as a decent human being. If, however, the things you post can cause people to think of you differently, then delete the post as soon as you can. Many people will rant on Facebook or comment something that is entirely going to ruin their presence online, and many people may look at you the wrong way if you vent too much or even give off a negative vibe from your posts.

– Protect Your Presence Online

The thighs you say, post, and even the things others say about you on social media can highly affect your brand and name online. The truth is that some executives may have people posting stuff about them on differs social networks. The things you post on Facebook or Twitter may be saved and posted elsewhere for other people to see. This is why you need to be careful with who sees your posts and what it is that you post on social media.

Status Labs knows all about the world of reputations and online marketing. Darius. Fisher is the man behind this company who has trained multiple people to help with his marketing business.

There are several unique ways they can help you organize your online social media so that you know what to post, what not to post, and other things you should always or never do online.

Recap of the Julie Spira top 10 dating apps list

Each year, the online dating professional, Julie Spira creates and puts out a list of dating apps that she thinks are the best. Many singles are starting to use these apps, in fact, over 200 million people are now using dating applications as a way to meet people. The newest Pew report, that was reviewing on-line dating, says that 7% of the people who use mobile devices for apps are saying that they have used a dating application to meet people on their cell phone. Dating applications help to widen your circle of people and in turn can help you find someone more compatible to you that you probably would have never met, had it not been for a dating app. Here is the list for this year:

1. The mobile app Tinder-

Tinder has now been available to users for more than a year. They are a location-based application that is growing at fast rates. They have found out that 54% of the people using their application are between 18 and 24 years old and they also found that 31.6% of them are between 25 and 34 years old.

2. The mobile app Let’s Date-

The founders of this application have stated that they think their application is the new “instagram” of dating. The people who choose to use this application with their device will be able to make their date card using Facebook Connect. The reports from Let’s Date state that 55% of their members are between the ages of 18 and 24 and 40% of them are between the ages of 24 to 35.

3. The mobile app Zoosk-

This is now the 4th time that Zoosk has had the luck of being put on this list. They are a dating application that tries to find partners for people using a big data and algorithmic recommendation tool.

4. The mobile app Badoo- This is a dating application that was release in 2006 and it is completely free. Over 197 million different people use this application. It has a game-like feel to it and has over 100,000 new people adding it as an app to their phone every day.

5. The mobile app Pleanty of Fish-

For this dating application, it is the 3rd year in a row on this list. This application has over 2 million people who log on every day.

6. The mobile app Meet Moi-

Meet Moi clearly states that they are not just another dating service for on-line, they in fact are a mobile matchmaker that happens to go into the social discovery category.

7. The mobile app Skout

Being one of the earliest mobile dating applications, Skout was released in 2008. They are a dating app that helps people to find their matches or to find friends in over 100 countries throughout the world. Skout is location-based and are available for use on iOS and Android operating systems. Skout also owns Nixter and Fuse. In 2013, they reported having more than 500 million different people using their application.

The Skout application is able to find matches for you by using your GPS to identify your general location, they do not identify your precise location, so that you can see who is near by that might be the one.

8. The mobile app Grindr-

This is now year three for this application to be on this list. They have determined that the average member of their application spends around 2 hours of the day on the application and will log in about 8 times in a day.

9. The mobile app OkCupid-

This application is free and is also location-based. They also have a website available for use, to make things easier on the users.

10. The mobile app How About We-

This application gives their users an off-line dating service that is for couples and singles.


The Thanksgiving Day Parade is an American Tradition. It’s been this way for the past 14 years. Well, this year is on different. It’s no different for the parade of the Purina News Dog show that follows.

First comes the parade, then the show. Afterwards comes the food and football. After this we all pass out. Is there a better way to spend your Thanksgiving holiday? No there is not.

This also goes for the Purina Dog show. There is no better way to spend your holidays than with these furry friends. In fact, this is a treat for so many.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

This year was headed by John Hurley. Some of you might remember him from the show Seinfeld. Fans of Johnny Weir would have been happy with this year’s show. Johnny was backstage as one of the main commentators. Tara Lipinski was also there. She and Johnny are both Olympic Metal skaters.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the main reason you are reading this article. Let’s get to the show.


This group involves the “hunting dogs.” Outside of the canine family, this the oldest group in this category. This is a very special category.

This year there were lots of amazing dogs competing. In the end there could only be four winners:

Chelsea–The Scottish Deerhound
American Foxhound


Many of these dogs are known as service animals. They help guard livestock. They help guard policemen and firemen. They also help those who are vets. In this category there were over 30 dogs up for the head prize.

Winslow the Newfounder
Doberman Pinscher

It was a close call for this category. There were so many good dogs that were competing. In the end though, the above four took top honors.


These dogs are known as the lap dogs. They are so tiny. They just sit right in your lap. Now some claim that these are not real dogs, purely based on their tiny size. Some of you probably see these dogs being used as accessories by the likes of Paris Hilton. These dogs are known as the “companion dog.” This is what makes them so perfect.

Here are the winners:

Smooth Coat Chihuahua named Sonnito
Japanese Chin
Brussels Griffon
Yorkshire Terrier

So many other categories too mention in this recap. All dogs performed well. So many winners. The best in show was awarded to Charlie. He was a little Sky Terrier.

You can visit the link below for the full recap of the show.

Congrats to all the winners. A big thanks to all the dogs that competed. Join us next year for another exciting show!